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Idaho Liberty Expo Needs Some Love

Hi Daily Paul'ers! The Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho just found out that one of our sponsors for our big Liberty Expo featuring Ben Swann and Michael Boldin (TenthAmendmentCenter.com)..... Is a no show for their sponsorship.

That means we in Idaho might be holding a little bit of a bill to pay for this educational event.

If you want to know more about the event, head to the following links:


Facebook Event page

How can you help from over in Iowa, Maine, or Texas?? You could send us a few bucks out of your beer money! (link below)


Tossing a Fiver our way will go a long way towards making this event successful for the several hundred activists and precinct committee persons expected to show up for training on:

How to lobby your legislature,
How to work with the media
How to read & write legislation
Liberty & Religion
& more

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