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Alternative to TV/Cable/Dish/MSM!!!

DP readers and Ron Paul Revolutionaries: you know about Miro, right?

Miro (pronounced "meer-oh") has over 3,000 unrestricted (e.g., DRM-free) channels of free programming, including more HD than anyone. Genres for everyone's tastes, from kids to adults! We even use Miro programs for some of our homeschooling.

In addition to all those channels of programming, you can also get all your YouTubes through Miro -- heck, you can play any video file through Miro.

Oh yes...and? You can make your own channel with your own content and publish it there (are you listening, ColdFusion? Add your channel's content at Miro, too!!). There's already some Ron Paul channels, and an independent (non-MSM) news channel there.

And be sure to check out the TED talks at Miro -- edumacate yourself and have fun doing so! If you haven't yet discovered TED, man, are you missing out.

Very brief introductory video demo of Miro here.

No cable/sat/broadcast in our home for past 7 years -- once you dump the TV and discover what else is available from other sources, you will NEVER go back.

(This was originally posted as a comment in another thread; DP user LoveandLight suggested this be brought to the forefront, so here it is...)

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Internet TV could be the end-run magic bullet around MSM.

Is there anyone at the Daily Paul who can get the needed attention of HQ's to take a serious look at using the potential of ITV. So many advantages including cost and no bias.

PS - We need more than a simple email to HQ to get through.