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Ron paul battling for Louisiana!!! See press release Jan 26th

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I dugg it anyway. They need

I dugg it anyway. They need to get the provisional ballots and check it against the registrar of voters list themselves. I suspect there are already shenanigans with the ballots now that they have had all this time.

I swear these people need to be dealt with severely! The Republican Party is starting to look more like the Mob then anything else.

If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin. Samuel Adams

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needs to be sent to Drudge!!!

I'm very happy to see HQ

I'm very happy to see HQ officially challenging this suspect election. I really hope they do whatever they can to verify the accuracy of the vote. I hope they pull all the paper registrations for the provisional voters to verify the true dates. I also hope they are able to successfully challenge the positions of the delegates who did not meet the real deadline. This monkey biz is outrageous and the GOP should be made to rectify the situation.

looks like digg burried it

looks like digg burried it already :( I can't find it anywhere but the actual link on digg.

DIGG at...

bottom of article. Don't miss it!


Should release the provisional ballots for acount. What the heck is the hold up? Waiting until after the February 5th elections? So no acclaim on a victory can be announced for Presidential Contender Ron Paul? I think this is a sham. Trying to cover up a victory. This should be headline news!
Oh no. It can't be. The crappy news media in this country is controlled by the international elite. Who do not want to see the people get their hands their own government. People in this country better wake up. All they want is that inflationary check that will be coming in the mail. What a freaken bunch of self-serving individuals that are living in this country.
Why don't they just put the hammer and the sickle in their front yards instead of the RED WHITE AND BLUE!


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


for them !

Key issue - which date is being used?

I've been monitoring all the different "excuses" for violating the integrity of our voting process in all of the caucuses/primaries.

One critical issue with LA is that it appears that registration changes are being determined by the computer *entry* date, not the earlier, valid registration *submission* date.

So, just don't do any computer data entry until after 11/30- Easy. And also easy to *prove* that the wrong date is being used for provisional votes.

When the LAGOP states that 2/3 of the provisional votes are Dems/Independents, how many of those were definitely party changes to GOP to vote for RP?

I believe I read that the GOP used 11/01/07 lists, not 11/30/07 lists, so any changes in November are suspect. Again, those well may relate to RP.

Official Challenge

This is great tho, the campaign is officially challenging this. I *hope* it come out about the pooled vote slates and shady stuff they pulled when they saw how many RP supporters showed up.

I Dugg it!!!

I Dugg it!!!


If this blows up and becomes a big thing, then ditching NH and waiting for this situation was waaaay the right move.

I have full confidence that Dr. Paul has a real strategy to win this thing.