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Bush's FCC Suing ABC Television for Shower Scene

Over at www.freerepublic.com, most people were for Fred Thompson before he finally dropped out.

Now, more and more are saying that Ron Paul is the only real conservative left in the race. Conservatives here should sign up and contribute to the discussion over there.

Anyway, half of the FReepers are libertarians, as opposed to pro-regulation evangelists and neocons, and they have something to say today about the breaking news that the FCC is suing ABC TV for showing a shower scene in 2003 which just showed a woman's backside and nothing else:


One has to wonder what political purpose is behind this. I assume that Bush is hoping Romney replaces him.

Will Romney want to "crack down" on what television can show?

Everyone knows where RP stands on censorship, but it is where Romney stands that journalists might want to divulge.

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