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USS Obamacare Is Going Down And The IRS Is Going Down With It

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts could go down in American history as the man who laid the foundation for the termination of the IRS, and ultimately ended Obamacare.

If Obamacare is a, "tax," it is dependent upon tax enforcement via the IRS.

How does America get rid of Obamacare?

Get rid of the tax.

Remember the Stamp Act? The Tea Act? Once a tax, not always a tax.


A recent CNN Money article states that government budget cuts of over $600 million to the IRS may result in layoffs of IRS employees, which includes examiners who audit tax returns.

---- full article linked above



The recent budget sequestration that took effect on March 1, 2013, has further reduced the IRS’s budget, triggering an additional 5% cut of approximately $600 million.

Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller recently warned a Congressional subcommittee that these cuts will likely cause the IRS to bring in “substantially less” than the $2.52 trillion in taxes collected in fiscal 2012. Due to the sequestration and previous cuts, the IRS has seen its funding cut by more than $900 million in the past two years.


The IRS has been getting squeezed by sequestration.

Add a huge IRS scandal on top of the Obamacare Tax, and just picture a bullseye for republicans to hit.

Defund Obamacare by continuing to defund the IRS.

The IRS and Obamacare are both joined at the hip.

If one goes down, they will both sink.

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Thank you for posting your thoughts. I enjoyed reading your post.

aca >>>

I believe that ob care will be here to stay in 1 form or the other .. the shit ass system killed people and bankrupted people and >>> I do not contend that OB care will be smooth but it will evolve into single payer .. that is the end game until of course the revolution .. IMHO... I voted for Ron Paul and have marveled at his views as with a mix of skepticism and awe .. I also voted for obama in the last election for I thought he may be the shake up that this land needed >>>> so trash me if you must but I have followed the DP for many years and the place we are at now in america seems to be due to the voter ..

March, 2010

Top IRS officials have been working with Democrats on Capitol Hill to determine how the agency will enforce President Obama’s new health care law. Republican lawmakers estimate the legislation will require the hiring of many thousands of new tax enforcement agents.


April, 2012

Obama administration diverts $500M to IRS to implement healthcare reform law


August, 2012

Though the exact number is still to be determined, the highest estimates for the number of new IRS hires is around 16,000. These employees will enforce and inform people about the new penalty – a yearly minimum of $695 dollars per person – implemented by Obamacare, which was dubbed a "tax" by the Supreme Court majority and would affect people who refuse to purchase federally-mandated healthcare.


Obama pumped 500 million into the IRS, estimates are 16,000 new IRS agents. According to the sequestration bill passed in March, 2013 the IRS would be defunded by 600 million. Obama is still 400 million up, and if the new hires were reduced by 15,000, Obama is still up 1000 new IRS employees.


I cant stop laughing. I know this is a joke. COuld anyone ever believe this nonsense.

The so called sequestration is just a joke that obmama is using to screw with the Repugs still trying to play the left right bs as the ship sinks. What a stooge puppet.


Your right. I'm sure most of

Your right. I'm sure most of us here know the same about the sequestration being a joke.

Are you saying though that the point being made in this post is invalid in a way? I think that there is a point here that makes sense. However, it's going to take another case making it to the supreme court or the obvious but (nearly) impossible of getting the law repealed or the gamble being played now with the recent house budget bill plan that's on it's way to the senate.

Unfortunately at this point it's either the gamble paying off and the budget being passed without obamacare attached or the very unfortunate of the people finally seeing how bad it is. Let's hope that the ever growing disapproval will force the democrats and RINO's in senate to stop playing their games and get rid of it.

It's making me physically sick the replies I get from my sorry ass democrip senator Bill Nelson about obamacare. Instead of even an automatic reply I got a newsletter about how insurance rates aren't really going up because of obamacare...

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

bigmikedude's picture

I assure you the IRS and this Obamacare monstrosity

won't be going anywhere until 75% of the congress, senate, and supreme court is held by RP supporters. And it doesn't seem like most RP supporters are the types to run. A few have, but the majority seem either unable to, or uninterested.

I will believe the IRS is

I will believe the IRS is going down when we stop getting taxed by it.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Beautiful dreamer...

Shut down the IRS?? I don't think so. The IRS was funded in the continuing resolution. The Republicans aren't about to put that many T-persons out of work. They have been big government co-conspirators for too long to change this quickly. Bo(eh)er already has his marching orders. The fix is in.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

And we still

haven't heard the last of the IRS scandal. More info has come out since the last set of hearings. Syria and now the budget battle and defunding oBOMBaCare will take center stage...but the IRS scandal is not done.

Cuts may have hurt IRS junkets and parties

But tax receipts are up and coming in higher and faster than forecast!
Maybe if we abolish this shit taxes will come in even faster.

Sum's it up

Check the "Grace Report"

America : Freedom to Fascism


If the government were responsible

which it isn't the IRS would be quashed like a bug. This monumental research done by Dan Meador details, by quoting the law itself, the IRS is NOT part of the original organic government. They do not tax us because that would be legal. They are in fact stealing/extorting from us because they do not have legal authority to act as they appear to do. Don't believe me or Meador - read the research for yourself.


This material has been reformatted into book form. If you want a copy let me know. It has been a dream of mine (and Dan's) to print enough copies to send to every elected person in the country. Such knowledge would go a long ways to ending some of the insanity out there.

Organized Government vs. Organized Crime

Between Organized Government and "Organized Crime" I'll take the Mob any day, hands down.

For one thing, the "mobsters" are only "criminals" by imperial edict.

All they want to do is provide products that people want, at an affordable price, i.e., they're businessmen, in what should be a Free Market. The problem comes from Government dictating to people that there are things that the Government doesn't want people to do, like visit a prostitute (or be one), get high on drugs, or gamble; that sort of thing. Basically, the Government would rather kill people than let people do what people want to do.

And when you need to pay "the Mob" for "protection," you actually get protection!

Of course, thieves should at least be required to pay restitution, or could be summarily executed by their would-be victims. >:-> It wouldn't take very long at all for thieves to become extinct!

Freedom is my Worship Word!


New Party calls for abolishing all taxation and annulling all mandated insurance as well


Voluntary contributions welcome for believers in the common good

My tithe is private.

Free includes debt-free!

Agreed where both public and private spheres are of value

As mentioned below however, I do believe that volitional contributions to the public domain have a higher virtue since payment in principle is made to benefit others for free (ex. entry to museums, civil police etc), and typically a pledge of some kind is made to honor the public good

I'm not for abolishing all

I'm not for abolishing all taxation. I like running water, having my garbage picked up every week, and driving on freshly paved roads too much.

Wells, septic tanks, and roads full of potholes suck.

Some taxes are necessary.

Most taxes are not necessary, and Obamacare is one of them.

The health insurance mandate is a tax, nothing more, nothing less.

Many Americans still don't know about the mandate, but they will soon learn about Obamacare when they file their taxes in early 2014 and get hit with a large fine (tax) for not purchasing a product called health insurance.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

"Some taxes are necessary"

Read: "pointing a gun to someone's head and demanding they give me money to spend as I see fit for what I claim is their own good is necessary, and if they refuse, it is necessary to imprison them for refusing, and if they resist, it is necessary to murder them for doing so, all for their own good of course."

Tax is theft

Some theft is necessary. I only get angry at you. What gives you the right to decide that some theft is ok? Did I enter into some agreement that gave you the right to determine how much its ok for theives to steal from me?

Will you argue that tax is not theft by a new name?

Will you just ignore that its theft and ignore the ditactatorship tactic of imposing theft?

No theft is never ever ok even if your dieing of hunger. You can ask you dont have to steal. You can never justify taking without permission.

Realy sick that humans can think like you do and I see the up votes typical of these moral bankrupt propagandized sub human theives and cowardly immoral submitters.

PS reading your coment over again makes me think that your being fascitious if so the "you" I am refering to is anyone who would argue that theft is justified if its called tax.


If you read my comment so many times, I'm wondering why you

didn't notice not only the quotation marks around the comment title, but also that I was replying to someone who said those words right above me.

"Some taxes are necessary" was a quote zooamerica said.

I was spelling out exactly what that phrase really means.

I can't see how you could possibly have read my explanation of what that quote really is saying and NOT think that I believe taxation is theft.

I thought I made it pretty clear by my explanation of the phrase that I believe ALL taxation to be theft at the point of lethal force and that it is NEVER justified.

U got to be kidding

Ok Mr. Quotation mark.


I'm not kidding at all.

Here's the link to zooamerica's comment I was replying to: http://www.dailypaul.com/299928#comment-3205019

It's directly above my comment which is nested under it. (perhaps it is hidden for you since it has 14 downvotes, but that link should make it show up.)

You'll see that phrase in the third sentence.

My comment was that zooamerica was essentially saying with that phrase is that theft using lethal force is sometimes necessary.

Of course, I vehemently disagree with theft using lethal force - aka taxation. And I don't believe it is ever necessary.

I'd challenge you to find any comment I've made elsewhere on taxation that says otherwise.

I've in fact, made this point many times here on DP.

You seem to be the only one who misinterpreted my comment as meaning I actually do not think taxation is theft, when I was in fact saying exactly that I think it is. That maybe should be a clue for you of your error.

5 upvotes proves

You have 4 freinds.


6 now, and I wasn't considering upvotes, but rather

the lack of comments by others in agreement with you.

It seems no one else read what I wrote and interpreted it the way you did.

You seem to be running into trees left and right and not realizing you're in the middle of a forrest.

(p.s. - none of the 6 are mine, if you like, I can make it 7)

You're not being pragmatic -

You're not being pragmatic - dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

If there were no taxes, then who would pay police officers, fire fighters, librarians, teachers, highwaymen, etc?

Everybody has to make a living. WHO is going to pay these people?

Everyone has a financial incentive in a free market society.

How can you privatize a library? In the business world, libraries simply can't turn a profit.

If opening a privately owned library was a successful business endeavor, you'd see thousands of libraries all over the country but that's simply not the case. Internet cafes that serve coffee and snacks can turn a profit in a small rented space, but you seldom find an actual book at an internet cafe, and they're not cheap either. $10 for an hour of internet access?

Public libraries are so important to our society. If I didn't have access to my local library as a kid, I would have never read so many cool books, would have never discovered the internet in 1995, and would have never been able to complete many of my homework assignments for school without it.

Libraries serve as fountains of free information, and they are primarily funded with taxpayer dollars. I can honestly say that if it weren't for my local, taxpayer funded library I wouldn't like to read and write as much as I do today. That library set my own individual imagination and creativity on fire in a very positive direction that ultimately led me here!

If your house is on fire and you don't have the $1000 upfront to pay a local, privatized fire department to come and put out the blaze, what are you to do?

Get out the garden hose?

If your neighbors house catches on fire too, it's your fault. Hope you have a good lawyer, and a great home insurance policy to boot.

Some firefighters volunteer, and some get professionally paid for their services with taxpayer dollars.

I am not a collectivist. I'm an individualist, run my own business. But just because I am an individualistic person does not mean I can't see the forest from the trees. There is a bigger picture besides myself.

Firefighters can't make money as a business. That's why so many are volunteers. K-12 Education can't make money as a business either. Private schools are the exception to the rule, as most Americans can't afford private schooling. $8,000 a year? No thanks.

If you and your wife both work, and public schools don't exist, how much will it cost your family to pay for private teaching lessons?

What if a family can not afford the fees associated with privatized schooling? A local private high school in my neck of the woods costs $18,000 a year to attend, and the costs rise as the student nears graduation. What average American can afford that? I can't.

Colleges and State Universities have proven that, "education," can be a profitable business, but in a much more expensive way to the average consumer. No taxes, no teachers.

No taxes, no police. Burglar breaks into your home while you and your wife and children are sleeping, your shotgun is at the repair shop and your wife's curling iron and a baseball bat are about the only things you have to defend your family.

Call 911? Sorry, 911 doesn't exist anymore. Call a local private detective? Call a local privatized police force number, for only $500, credit cards accepted?

How will police officers get paid without taxes? If you think we can all live together in peace without police, you're fooling yourself. People are violent. Not all, but many are violent by nature.

Our society has demonstrated the example as to why self policing is impossible. Ever watch an episode of, "COPS?" Read the headlines lately? People are freaking nuts.

It's hard to privatize nuts. And it's hard to privatize the people who take care of the nuts.

You're driving along the highway, hit a giant pothole, and blow a tire. Oh nuts.

What are you going to do? Call a local paving company to patch up the pothole? That would cost well over $5,000. Nobody is going to pay that kind of money, they'll drive in the other lane instead.

Next thing you know, the highway if full of potholes because no individual wants to pay for the damages even though they use it every day and contribute to the wear and tear.

National Defense

Who's going to pay for that? The privately owned and operated state run militias?

Do state run militias know how to intercept a nuclear missile?

No. Can America's National Defense be totally privatized and funded without taxpayer dollars?


Some taxes are necessary.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If there were no orginazed crime called extorted theft (TAX)

Who would pay the pigs. ANYONE WHO WANTED A PIG CAN PAY FOR ONE.


All taxes should be voluntary

I don't need cops, why should I pay for them? I own a gun and carry whenever I can. Most of the criminal acts perpetrated against me were by cops anyway. If we did away with them, I personally would see a decline in the crime rate against me.

Firefighters? Hmmm, you can buy a homeowners policy that covers fire or a renters policy as well. Insurance companies could create fire departments themselves in areas where they deem it to be a cost-effective means of doing business. If we are to keep a fire department, perhaps people could agree to be bound to pay for their services after the fact by registering their home as one to be responded to in such an event. Your insurance company can offer a discount if you opt to register for such protection or decline you if you don't.

Libraries? You don't believe that people could run their own clubs where they share books with each other? A good example of a library that exists without taxes would be the Family History Library in Utah, which is free to the public. Also, the cost of information is going down because of the internet so traditional libraries are not terribly important.

Teachers? If you want your kids educated, educate them yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

Highwaymen are paid for by fuel taxes, which are voluntary. Ask someone who has never owned a car how much they pay in fuel taxes.

Your argument about the cost of education is a non-sequitur. You are implying that education is something that the government is required to provide. I guess it's been going on so long that way that you just assume it must stay that way. Why should someone without a child have to pay for some other person's education? Kids can learn on their own. Watch some videos by Sugata Mitra. How many people have a child that is 4-5 years old and knows how to operate an Xbox? My kids can and they can even find videos online explaining how to do various tricks on games and then they duplicate them. Government schools are good for brainwashing and social engineering. Also, lamenting that you can't afford to educate your own kids if you bore the sole cost suggests the selfish notion that others must pay for your kids. My suggestion would be to buy prophylactics or practice abstinence if you can't afford the expenses related to having children.

Government operations have been funded without income taxes, etc., for a long time. We don't need an IRS. Taxes on fuel, taxes on imported goods, etc. Wars would not be a big concern if not for our own imperialism. An invading force would have to contend with a lot of people willing to defend their homeland.


What socialist republic do you live in?

I live in a city with a "public" utility no less, but NONE of the taxes I pay go to water, garbage, or sewage 'services.'

I receive all of those services, and I pay a business for them. (albeit a business owned by the municipality)

If I lived outside of city limits, I'd be paying an entirely private business for those services.

Maybe you live under communism - where government provides everything, but I sure don't.

Perhaps you shouldn't assume everyone does.

And it wouldn't be wise to assume, that theft via taxation, and forced government "services" are the only way to meet those needs.

How shortsighted and patently absurd!


1) "I'm not for abolishing all taxation"

Taxation is unethically premised upon threatening the innocent with injury. Why not dignify the civil prerogative of individual choice?

2) "I like running water, having my garbage picked up every week, and driving on freshly paved roads too much”

These amenities can be similarly addressed by establishing a municipal Registry where governmental, civil and public sectors properly function as volitional vehicles of conscientious endowment

3) "Some taxes are necessary"

Disagreement: taxation is also premised upon the incorrect presumption that individuals are unable to exercise conscionable agency. A lack of confidence in the good will of others does not justify the oppression of an individual's agency either.

4) "The health insurance mandate is a tax"

Partial disagreement: taxation is traditionally viewed as a pre-conceived duty while mandates are applied as penalties for not participating; both unprincipled

All of those you list

Can be privatized. What are you? A Statist?

Running water and sewage is already mostly private as it's not a tax. You receive a bill for services directly. In MOST states. Not all.

Same thing with your garbage, I switch garbage companies whenever one gets the nerve to raise my garbage rates. Won't have that "luxury" with a tax.

Your roads are paid for gasoline tax, well they are supposed to be anyway. But because local governments all the way up to the federal government haven't met a tax they can't spend on something else, as current road conditions nationally indicate that tax doesn't work so well either. PRIVATIZE it, and make no bid contracts against the law.

Wells and septic systems work well in suburban settings and I will take a well or septic system over city water and sewage any day of the week.

I won't get hit with any tax, because I am not a participant. All of this is VOLUNTARY.

Taxation is THEFT plain and simple. I will not, and absolutely refuse to pay for services you use.