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What do we do when it all shuts down?

Most of us communicate, organize, and inform ourselves using the internet (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and yes, the DailyPaul.). Saying this , if the government decides to shut down the internet, including cell phones, as a way to stop any resistance, what do we do? Are we flying blind? How do we come together and organize to resist tyranny? Do we go back to using old ways of communication? Just a thought.

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What do we do if it doesn't?

Just curious.

He's the man.

Learn to enjoy our

Subjugation. ;-)


Black Swan

See, This is the most likely outcome

But are we ready if it does? It is predicted to happen in the next few days by well known sources of mine. So maybe it won't but are we ready if it does? Weigh the results of what it will be like if you are not ready? We can always rotate out the old canned food with the new. But the cupboard is stocked just in case.

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HAM(Amature) Radio will be

HAM(Amature) Radio will be your best friend in cases like this. I suggest EVERYONE get licensed, buy a cheap radio, and learn to use it. It would be impossible for them to shut down, as it works on frequency that is controlled from the device itself. Learn to use Radio.


That is a great idea! That's something Michael should be getting ads for on the Daily Paul. :)

Another reason you should be canvassing your precincts....

....like C4L tells you to do. It's not just for politics.

It's called getting to know your neighbors, your own little "cell."

mesh networking


Also get to know your

Also get to know your neighbors.

Ham Radio is a great way to get to know your neighbors

Your most immediate neighbors will most likely initiate conversation or you can before your antenna goes up. Then, once you are on the air, you will be able to listen to drive time folks, check in to local nets and get to know as many neighbors as are on the air within a several mile radius.

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Be careful

about that too. Remember that one guy that had the FBI raid at his house because neighbors said he was a "doomsday prepper" with "illegal" weapons and distrust of government. Also, you might not want everyone knowing you have food supplies if you do.

For many

...there will still be feasting, football, and fornication imo.

What about CB radios?


CB/Ham Radios...

As people have commented this seems a good basic tool. I did some checking...

CB's have a typical range of 4 miles, but a lot depends on factors like terrain and antenna, etc. Base station antennas have a usual range of 15-50 miles.

Here is a page with typical CB prices:


There are a lot of us out there. Ron Paul got about 2 million votes and who knows how many people have woke up since then. I just saw a car the other day with a Ron Paul sticker and I don't even look for them.

What Channel should we use? How about Channel 7 (27.035 MHz) as in 1776 ;) It's free and close to the Emergency Channel 9.

I like the CB idea......

to know what's going on around you.
But everybody has to be on the same page & you'll want to use a channel that comes in clear.
My walkie talkie has 22 channels with 38 sub channels each.
Channel 7 is a high power channel & technically you need a license to use it (Ha ha ha ha ha!!)
It could get hectic.

I'm leaving channel 7 on. If you're in N.E. CT, hit your call button.

CB Radio probably isn't the

CB Radio probably isn't the best option for cases like this, simply because of the lack of features. With ham radio, the waves and ranges are FAR greater(up to 100s of miles with the right gear), and you also have the options of transmitting through near-by towers that will amplify your signal even further.

I agree CB had it's day Ham Radio is here to stay

There are so many former CBers on the local airwaves in Atlanta. CB has no real rules or self policing. There is foul talk and all sorts of nonsense whereas there are rules about language and general etiquette, etc. on ham radio.

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

We will likely have greater

We will likely have greater things to worry about if the internet gets shut down. Right now, a vast amount of internet traffic comes through the US servers and can not just be shut down without severe consequences.(there is a reason the main connection to the undersea cables in the US is kept in whats basically a fortified bunker)
First, you end up crashing the economy because you just stopped alot of people from doing business.
Second, you piss off many countries that rely on internet for different things since much traffic goes through US servers.
Third, you will piss off the normally dormant American people enough for them to actually get up off their asses and do something because they just lost one of the things that keeps them happy.

So no, they are not going to just cut the internet off unless they feel like being suicidal.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Ham Radio

For decades, radio amateurs (hams) have done a lot of communicating during disasters of all kinds. And you can't get more grassroots than a two-way radio in every basement!

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how much does it cost to get set up?

I've always been intrigued with this--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

It's relatively inexpensive to get going in ham radio

Your test is all of 15 bucks. You can also find used radios as well as antennas from ebay to Craigslist, garage sales, etc. But google your city plus "hamfest" and you can go to the "boneyard" and find all sorts of deals on used equipment.

A basic scanner is an excellent way to see if ham radio is something you would like to get more involved in as it lets you listen for a very low start up. Oh, my daughter reminded me that you need a decent antenna on your scanner so that you will hear everything clearly. Of course, the better shack you can get going, the more you will enjoy both listening and speaking.

Have fun!

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

Actually not that much

A decent transceiver is only about 300.00 and the license is free. They now have online testing for "No code" licenses meaning you do not have to know Morris code. For about 65.00 you can get a modem and use the echolink internet. You have to study and know your stuff though.


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For all you newbies.... We in

For all you newbies....

We in the remnant did this for decades using shortwave radio our feet and mouths and Libraries.

Granted the internet has made this a lot faster and easier.

and we are no longer considered tin foil hat people.

Vindication is sweet.

i am going to use

FidoNET, Telnet, Ham Radio net and, the oldest form, Sneaker Net (shoes, walk and exchange files manually via thumb drives\discs\etc).
BBs's will be set up immediately on landlines. make sure you have your modems working and\or save old modems.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Good point

Locate and purchase a "USB Dial up Modem" to have around just in case. They are available. Most computers now do not have a dial up Modem. Or we could start raising and exchanging pigeons, lol.

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Like sending bird idea

The pigeon idea is the simplest. Works, cheap and if desperately hungry, can make like a rabid dog, eat the mailman.


UUCP mailnet

Once you have your dialup modems hooked up you can set up UUCP mailnet. Like Fidonet, the mail transfer agents store-and-forward over several hops to get the email from one site to another, to get it where it's supposed to go.

It also transfers netnews newsgroup messages, using a "flooding" protocol.

It also works over Internet Protocol connections, so if you have a WiFi mesh network in your neighborhood - or cabling to your neighbors, etc. - you can configure it to work over that as well (and hop between dialup, WiFi, packet HAM, etc.)

This is how things worked in the early days of computing, before nearly everything was migrated to the internet backbone.

(It still works now, and interconnects with the Internet when that's convenient. I have a machine that still exchanges email with the Internet via twice-hourly UUCP calls to a private mail service provider. it uses the internet when available, but falls back to dialup on my fax line when that's down. Last email came in about 7 hours ago, last poll was 20 min ago. I have set up further hops for other of my machines - at the vacation house, the travel trailer, etc. and have occasionally set up mail feeds for friends for months or years at a time.)

There's no reason you can't just set it up again, growing an island of connected people. The software is all there. Free-and-open versions are available for every necessary component, and have been for decades.

= = = =
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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


You are right, The technology is still there. Wouldn't a dedicated Telnet server hub be cool?

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"They" already know that the internet is the thing that keeps us from taking to the streets, IMO. We riot on the internet so we don't have to riot in the streets. Right?

It would be bad for "them" if they lost control of an angry, internet-bound populous and reacted by shutting down the internet. Chaos and anarchy.

But that knowledge of our addiction to the internet can so easily be exploited if "they" plan and execute the shutdown on their terms and timetable.

If anyone watches stormcloudsgathering.com videos, there are a few that describe a successful revolution. It starts with ideas, which are finally growing here now, and then moves to active peaceful civil disobedience. We have barely even touched that one yet, mostly because of our addiction to the internet I think. The final stage after all other avenues are exhausted is violent revolution, and according to stormcloudsgathering, it can't work unless the other two stages have strengthened the "opposition" and therefore softened the "enemy".

I guess it's possible that people would "shelter in place" if the internet shut down, but it seems like there are enough people who are on the verge of revolt that they would consider shutting down the internet an act of war against the people of the United States and respond in kind. It would be interesting to see what happened next, if more people would join them or if they would be viewed as "terrorists" by the public.

I think I'd drive down to the sheriff's office to find out which side they were on and then have a meeting with my neighbors to arrange security, but I live in the middle of nowhere. But I think I'd be improving my foxhole and my neighbors', not taking to the streets, not right away anyway. I don't think we're ready for that.
Too many rigid factious divisions between us. We'd be like the Middle East, killing each other over semantics.

You asked. :-)

There used to be....

There used to be this thing called "Telnet", I doubt land lines will be shut down. I am trying to talk a friend that has his own server into setting it up as a high capacity telnet server to use as a back up international communications system. Basically a PC text hub server. Telnet is still being used to this day.

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