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I Wrote a Christian E-Book

I wrote a Christian E-book. Its called "What the Bible Says About Dating". http://www.amazon.com/What-Bible-About-Dating-ebook/dp/B00EP...

I wrote the book for several reasons. First of all because I am single and wanted to study what the Bible had to say about the subject (note I define dating as finding a spouse). Second because I really love the Bible. Third because everyone kept saying the Bible didn't say anything about dating, and it ticked me off cause finding a spouse is pretty important. Fourth because I have questions, and not only is no one answering some of the questions that I had they were confused when I asked them. Finally because several of the people who talked about the subject ticked me off, cause they said it was a Bible discussion and then contradicted the Bible.

I do not know if this is a Bible study just for me or others but if you are a Christian single and you read it I trust you will get some meat from it. If you are a Christian parent I trust you will appreciate the perspective of a christian single who just wants to honor God. What I wrote is not shallow. If you put it on microsoft word its about 92 pages long at 14 single space font (should I have made it double space, and yes I just thought about that). For those who have been in the dp community for a while and have pointed out that I normally have poor grammer worry not I had someone else fix my grammar. Especially after a sixth grader made fun of my run on sentences.

I dont know if posting this is considered spamming or not if it is go ahead and delete this post. The only reason why I started a new forum topic is I used my E-book in another thread and noticed that it popped up on the front page with a link to both the book and the post where I listed it, and I want to explain what and why I did to those in the DP community who are also Christians.

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thanks will check out.