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Obama: Republicans ‘Trying To Mess With Me,’ Obama Tells Crowd At Missouri Auto Plant

Obama: Republicans ‘Trying To Mess With Me,’ Obama Tells Crowd At Missouri Auto Plant

By Philip Rucker, Friday, September 20, 12:12 PM

LIBERTY, Mo. — With Washington facing a potential government shutdown, President Obama traveled to the heartland Friday and delivered a combative rebuke of congressional Republicans for “trying to mess with me” instead of governing responsibly.

Obama railed at length against Republican lawmakers, whom he accused of “holding the economy hostage” by threatening not to fund the government and not to raise the government’s debt limit.

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No, actually it's much worse than that.

The majority of American's are standing up and saying NO ObombaCare! No War in Syria! No Gun Grabs! NO! NO ! NO! ....and Obomba doesn't like it.

I don't think Obomba last till 2016...I see impeachment in his future.

QE to Infinity of course...

Has nothing to do with any of our problems.

Time to blame everyone else and ignore the FED and Weimar America.

Double down on precious metals while you can, Gold, Silver and Lead!

I feel left out. Libertarians

I feel left out. Libertarians are messing with Obama too.

The mess is Obamacare and

the effect it will have on the middleclass, the poor, the economy and all of us for that matter. MDs are heading for the exits in droves. Many are either not going to take Medicare patients any longer or will be giving up their practice. If you think Obama shouldn't be messed with then go talk with some of the elderly who will be subjected to "death" panels, where administrators will be telling physicians what treatments they can or can not give to their patients. Also, go tell and mess with Congress that there is no rational reason why they should be exempt from Obamacare while the rest of the people will be ensnared by it. How dare this entire administration posture to politicize this demonic unjust law. Every one of them who voted to exempt themselves should be voted out of office. The best way, if not the only way, to get a decent healthcare system is to require that Congress, the executive branch and the judicial branch all be part of the same system, we the American people are a part of and have equality of participation by all Americans regardless of class or position.

Amen. So what do you think

Amen. So what do you think the senate will do? If a republican votes for that bill, his career is done! Why would they still do it? I just don't get it man.