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WAPO: Push For Amnesty Bill In House Collapses - BOOM!

WAPO: Push For Amnesty Bill In House Collapses - BOOM!

By Greg Sargent, Published: September 20 at 3:58

In a blow to the hopes of passing immigration reform anytime soon, the bipartisan House “gang of seven” plan is probably dead, and almost certainly won’t be introduced this fall as promised, a top Democrat on the “gang” acknowledges.

“It doesn’t appear that we’re going to move forward with the group of seven,” Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a key player on immigration as a member of the gang, said in an interview with me. “The process is stalled. I don’t believe we’re going to produce a bill anytime soon.”
This undermines the already dwindling prospects for reform, because the House “gang of seven” plan — which would provide a path to citizenship but is significantly to the right of the Senate bill — was seen as a comprehensive plan Republicans who genuinely want to solve the immigration problem just might coalesce around. (The gang of seven plan would reportedly provide for a probationary period for the 11 million, in which they’d admit wrongdoing, and onerous conditions for the path to citizenship, which would be 15 years long.)

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Not So Fast

In every single case in recent memory, these goons in the mass media have carried the water of the goons in Washington, DC. This premature pronouncement of doom for the AMNESTY bill is probably just an attempt to disarm the public so they quit fighting against it and thereby ensure its passage. Even IF the immigration bill doesn't materialize this year as legislation, Obama will just issue a decree via an executive order. I won't rest until E-Verify is purged from this bill, and amnesty for illegal aliens is relegated to a nightmare of our PAST.


now if we can quit handing out welfare to the illegals we might be on the right track.