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Half way down on the right side. Romney killing everyone




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Freepers have to compromize priniciples

They've deemed Romney a RINO for months, but more are convinced he'll win. I guess it's better to be "right" than priniciped in their infantile little world.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Join FreeRepublic now because it is the best time

But some advice: keep off the topic of the Iraq War specifically.

Everything else is wide open. Libertarian Republicans are about half of the membership.

They are probably not using Anonymouse on the poll because that is only for people who have too much time on their hands. :-)

Ron Paul is legitimately coming in 2nd in their poll. Romney is, of course, their favorite.

Look how McCain comes in last place. That is accurate for FReepers.

It is so shocking that the 65+ crowd that listens to the MSM and thinks McCain is OK because CNN tells them to vote for him, is so out of touch with the real base of the Republicans.

Meanwhile, Huckabee is in Alabama today while Romney is in the Panhandle of Florida.

You must be talking about

You must be talking about some other site. I've seen nothing but abuse for Ron Paul supporters at FreeRepublic. Not just ideological disagreement, but venomous, nasty, juvenile abuse.

As for their talk about RINOs, I'll bet a nice crisp Federal Reserve note that the overwhelming majority of Freepers will abandon their so-called "principles" and vote for whichever candidate wins the nomination, including McCain, as long as it isn't Paul.

It takes steely resolve to adhere to your beliefs in the face of ridicule or fear of loss, and I've not seen any such resolve displayed at FreeRepublic. Quite the opposite in fact, as displayed by their shift from Thompson to Romney, en masse. They are the epitome of lesser-evil voters.

Liberty for Dummies

True. The regulars are rednecks and you have to have thick skin

There are about a dozen regulars at FR who aren't too bright.

You have to have really thick skin there. You have to take abuse and not fight back (or they will ask the moderator to delete you).

But a little practice will make it so you won't be abused. There is also safety in numbers. :-)

And, as I said, you cannot ever say on FR that anybody lost their life in Iraq for nothing. That kind of talk will get you deleted. Even still, there are tons of RP supporters surviving quite nicely over there.

And that does not include the people who say "I am not backing Ron Paul but I have to admit he is the only conservative left in the race".

With enemies like that, who needs friends. :-)

Of course, the problem of innocent people getting flamed by regulars happens to all forums over time.

If DP was not energized by a November 2008 election goal, it would only be a matter of time before DP was dominated by a thought police group of 5 or 6 regulars.

Luckily, this is the last year that forums will be text only. Audio/Video forums will be big soon (where avatars can be used to preserve anonymity).

You won't see me on any

You won't see me on any video forum! Part of the appeal of the Internet is the anonymity, which allows one to speak one's mind without fear of repercussions (how sad that the same can no longer be said for America in general). I would certainly be leery of showing my face and allowing my voice to be heard on such a forum if it were of a political nature. You just know the government would be watching and listening, gathering face-recognition data, voice-prints, etc. Believe me, I know how kooky that sounds. I'm almost laughing at myself for thinking it, but the technology exists so why wouldn't they employ it?

Liberty for Dummies




They may be voting multiple times by using the

following link:


Opened in a separate browser instance.

Ya think?

I think you mean that's why

I think you mean that's why we "win" all the online polls.

You live in a dreamworld to suggest cheating in the one online poll we don't win when that's the reason we win in the first place.

So you agree that *no* online polls are valid?

Sounds like our caucuses and primaries, as well.


If online "poll" organizations don't figure out how to block those IP addresses from a site registered in Germany, *all polls* are a joke (kinda like our caucuses and primaries are proving to be).

It has also been posted in relation to the AOL political poll.