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Intimation of Heaven - poem

Irrevocable was she...aglitter
with color and being, that
stars begun a-webbing...

beset - aloft in pilous wings I awakened,
to love, majesty - beginningless...

She is forever amorous - a mist
of my true Self...immanent beauty.

Humility leavened within me,
unfurled me as threaded wick to flame...

an illumination to my condition took,
so that,
when I confess to your beauty know,
my confession is Truth...

as geese aligned in flight,
as the tangerine-opalescent horizon at dusk,
and ever the infinite mirrors the oceans shape...

this chronicle has long past delivered me
from limbo -

songbirds at dawn...

for my wife.

Peace and Love always.

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With words...

you are free...language is like clay.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness