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Mors Dilecti - poem

This account I'm writing lest the day too soon is presented,
where I no longer walk it.

You should know that in highest regard I hold you,
and have always...
...there is complete silence in it:
my first memory living and you,
there aside me childhood and without reserve for laughter.

There is no replication tangible of it,
clearer deionized waters yet no art has sprung the means
to etch upon paper or upon ivories melody lay it -
no aspired stroke to the canvas or intonation in a dispassionate voice:
a recount of yesteryears you in them,
and our sharing life...

pronounced my heart shall you be now,
never-end to reverberation the part of your-Self
you have gifted me this life through...

our eyes have the path seen together once,
yet the path altogether did filter them through,
that each our own breath since memory
has not been the same breath...

but I know you still,
as one knows the colors stretched o'er the veins of autumn leaves,
as one knows the rest and ire the waters thereto the earth's edge,
as one knows love for its untamed seer to the Soul,
as one knows death when it is realized...

whereto I follow you the time that will come to be mine,
'til then invoked will I be
to seek you in the light of mind and faith,
yet I am bound by this physical stay;
the etheric state long ago and how long to I do not know.

So I look with sensitive eyes...amongst me,
immeasurable frequencies of the departed:
their subtle shapes transmogrify to colors now,

splayed and pure somewhere in every light-point of the universe,
and where it is dark they've befriended,
and where it is bright they burst to concentrated bloom

and there is no longer the context of differentiation between
the seen and the unseen...
sight has been revealed the virtue of consciousness,

and the light is so immense -
unveiled in its Omni-directional wheel...the Truth...

that to all life concentricity abides,
as is all withdrawn by it at death...

to planes that paralleled be our own,
and those not yet known of equation or substance.

'enjoy the struggle - there is an indirect light that consumes it'

for Jason, my brother.

Peace and Love always

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