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The Heart of God - poem

Beings mission towards it still,
since the single-celled organism,
this ambiguous yearning,
this purpose we call of life...peace.

We are so taken to absolve all beings
for an absolved world...

an absolved world cannot be taken
for one's ideal of peace...

we have overlooked peace
in the external search for it...

do you remember the peace before you could remember?
I'm sure you wouldn't...
forget the ascertainment of peace and it will flow through you,
to the very ends of war...

War is grief,
for it proves a compassionate heart.
War is ignorant,
for from the hands of the misled is it imposed.
War is imposed,
for there are still many who condone it,
the name of revelation and ideal.
War is an easement
upon the fearful heart...

fearful at the lose
of it's benevolent nature.

God must have a heart without fear,
a heart that is benevolent.

his revelation the heart of benevolence...

Peace and Love always.

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