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hey there have a little bump

hey there have a little bump with your coffee.

Also fcuk you

The only reason I clicked your nonsense is because of the Mark Twain reference.

This is the real war prayer and it should be in every American school

Only Nixon could go to China so..

I will admit I have no art in my soul.

As much as I'm against socialized warfare or welfare I much more against socialized art. I can't even tell you.

Your art is free however 3$Bill, so I like it.

Also I am pretty sure you mean it so be anti liberty in some sense, but you aren't making any point at all.

If you want to do art, can we see some kittens? With wings? I like kittens.

And yes, whatever your statist message is, I don't get it. I already told you I have no art in my soul. Explain it, or don't. All good either way.

Also, to the coherent one of you.. don't you get annoyed carrying this guys baggage? Honestly, you're coherent.

You're a fun and competent and literate debate partner. Start a new account and let's light this up:D Or else kick him off.

I'm not saying this because he's stupid. He is stupid but that's not it. But he goes on for pages with no punctuation.. or even a point really. He makes you look bad.

Your bud is really holding you back. And no matter how much you try to advise him to appear logical.. if you really care (because I totally wouldn't I would want it to be obvious) no one is buying it.

I will continue to note that the crazy illiterate one of you is the one that complains that there is only one of you:D

You're too smart for this, you should get a job in legit propaganda like NPR or Fox. Much better money.