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Daily Paul Constitutional Convention Thread (Redraft a better Constitution)

This thread is a convention of sorts for us to write a better version of the Constitution. Now, I like the current Constitution and wish it would have held up better to the perversions of tyranny that we constantly endure today. To solve that, I believe that at some point we will have to draft the Constitution again but this time we will have to make sure to make it more resistant against tyranny. Feel free to add your opinion, changes, improvements, etc. So here goes:

Enumeration of Natural Rights

First Natural Right

All rights are granted not by governments or by men, but by the creator of men. Therefore, no government has the power to repeal, alter, or infringe a natural right.

All states which seek to join this union must acknowledge this same Enumeration of Natural Rights in their own charters and constitutions.

Second Natural Right

All men and states have the right to secede from their government of their own free will. All men are called upon to revolt against their government if this right is suppressed.

Third Natural Right

The right to speak, in any form, shall not be limited.

Fourth Natural Right

The right to defend oneself against any threat shall not be limited. No order to retreat shall be required nor restriction on choice of weapon shall be imposed. No surrender of weapons, for any length of time, shall be required unless an arrest upon the bearer is declared.

Fifth Natural Right

The right to remain silent shall not be limited. It is a right which may be invoked at any time under any circumstance. No man shall be required to testify.

Sixth Natural Right

No man shall be searched or face seizure of his person or his assets except upon an order from the courts. No order shall be given without listing what items or persons are to be seized.

Seventh Natural Right
No person shall be held or detained longer than four hours unless by order of the court. No person shall be held civilly liable to any body of government. No fine may be ordered or collected unless such fine is to be paid to the specific person who suffers a loss resulting from the actions of the accused. No person shall be questioned about his deeds without the presence of counsel on his behalf.

Eighth Natural Right

No man shall be forced to endure tyranny. Any person who shall use the rule of law to limit, repeal, or alter these Natural Rights shall not enjoy the protection of law or justice against violent recourse.

I realize that this list isn't all-inclusive so please add where you see fit. I did want to make a few things clear with this list. Mainly, I wanted to reiterate that these rights don't come from government and so the government is powerless to change them. I also wanted to ensure that it is plainly stated that people and states have the right to secede. I think it is important that it is stated such that people have a right to leave this government and that if government tries to take away that right that it would be patriotic duty to revolt against that government. I also wanted to make sure that people could defend themselves however they choose and that "stand your ground" type law would be universally recognized.

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Congress borrows, but has paid only interest since 1893.

We are paying interest today for 1/3 of money borrowed to fight the Civil War.

Congress asks, "Can we afford this". DENIED!

Free includes debt-free!

I think the idea of "ReDrafting" is what got us into this mess

The document our founding fathers wrote was "The Constitution for the united States of America. (1787)

The document under which GovCorp operates is "The Constitution Of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (1871)

In my view the latter document is invalid and we're only bound to/by the former.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

You are in way over your head

You are in way over your head son.
They don't even need probable cause to get a search warrant under your constitution.
They can detain you for four hours without any reason whatsoever?

Start with 2 changes, prohibit government borrowing and taxing.

If governments can't borrow, lobbyists disappear.

Free includes debt-free!

Think Duane's account has been

hijacked by the grate one mark levin

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

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Why don't we try living by

Why don't we try living by and upholding the constitution that we have before we trash it for a new one.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

How's that working for ya?

How's that working for ya?


Your question is backward.

It is up to the individual to exorcise ones individual rights, not push the responsibility onto somebody else.

In this political climate, tampering with the Constitution will assure its re-write into pure tyranny.

Enforce the one that we have. Live it, speak it and teach it. When each of us takes that responsibility, we may someday change the hearts and minds of the American people.

Freedom is not free, nor is it easy.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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What will a piece of paper do if the people are wicked?

Just curious.

What do you think happens then?

Nothing, I suppose. All

Nothing, I suppose.

All nations eventually die. The same fate awaits the US. I don't think we need to give up on perfecting a document that is near perfect simply because it is being disregarded by the wicked. Our current Constitution lacks teeth.

I saw a Lysander Spooner quote about the Constitution and your statement above reminds me of it. He states that the Constitution either authorizes this government that we have or is powerless to prevent it. I don't believe it authorizes tyranny but I do agree that it is powerless to prevent it.

At what point do good men stand up and declare they've had enough of a tyrant? We last answered that question over 200 years ago in this country. The truth is, no one really knows. We know we should do something but we aren't sure what or when. Timothy McVeigh made a stand against tyranny when him and Terry Nichols fought back against the abuses committed at Waco and Ruby Ridge. They are demonized by most, but a few of us regard them as just having poor timing.

What if justifiable homicide laws were revised to include murder of a tyrant as justified? Would good people take up arms knowing that they need not fear a life behind bars? I see two ways to end a tyranny: leave it or kill it. I wish our Constitution preserved both options but it is plainly apparent that it doesn't. We had states attempt to leave but we forced them to come back. I fault our Constitution for not making secession an express right such that it would not have required a civil war to sort out whether it is or not. The question of secession as a right should have been sorted out in the courtroom and not on the battlefield and if it were a well-defined right, perhaps our map would look very different today.


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I left you a note below with my thoughts but here are a few more

All nations eventually die. The same fate awaits the US.

This is true. And what does it have to do with you?

Whether this nation lives or dies - you are still in a tremendous position. By birth, you are still in the top 5% of the world, blessed by the lottery simply of where you were born.

- - - - -

Yes, the Constitution is powerless to prevent tyranny. It is EXACTLY like W said. Just a goddamed piece of paper. It is only as good as the men who are enforcing it. And look at DC, filled with snakes and swine and all manner of evil creatures with vile thoughts. They are zombies. Completely unconscious to the gifts of their own humanity.

At what point do good men stand up and declare they've had enough of a tyrant?

Just a question here: Who's the tyrant that you're talking about? Obama? Just trying to be clear on exactly what your argument is.

We know we should do something but we aren't sure what or when.

This is true. The time is ripening. We're not there yet, but it is coming. When it comes, will you be prepared?

- - - - -

Your thoughts, I can tell, are taking a violent turn, and that worries me friend. You're a young man with a full life ahead of you. You don't want to end up like Timothy McVeigh or Terry Nichols. None of us here want to see you end up like that.

Poor timing, yes. But beyond that, Wrong Action.

- - - -

Now I've got to go, because the Pats game is coming on shortly, and I don't want to miss opening kickoff. Watching NFL football is something I enjoy, because it is a metaphor for war. Just like politics is a metaphor for war. (Not to mention business).

There are dominant teams and weak teams. The dominant ones roll over everything in their path. The weak ones - they get rolled.

What kind of a team are you on? What kind of a team is the Liberty Movement?

What would you think of a team that was always just so weak that it blamed the officials, blamed the poor condition of the field, blamed the fans for its poor performance. Not to mention the Tuck rule. So eventually it blew up the stadium and killed half the people in it?

What would you think of such a team?

Sometimes I don't think we

Sometimes I don't think we deserve freedom. The cattle have it good.


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Why do you say that?

First you're all about drafting a new constitution, then this.

What's up friend?

Because someone challenged you?

Because you got downvoted by some anonymous screen names?

Don't let your emotions jerk you around like a yo-yo.

Oh wow

You linked to "my Joycie-poo". :) Groovy we're sharing her ;)

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I'm not turning apathetic on

I'm not turning apathetic on you. You have a valid point that there is a lot of evil people out there and that legal documents don't always protect people from them. Ultimately, it is up to the people themselves to rid themselves of tyranny. I recognize that right now, we don't do enough to free ourselves. Sometimes people do deserve their fate. If they want to be blind to the abuse as long as their abusers keep them fat and happy, then I see no salvation for them. There are a lot of people so inured to this government that they are just as much the problem as the government is. We are up against the masses as much as we are up against the government.


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Sometimes you just need to wait for a change in the weather

My father was a sailor. He knew something about the weather. If you see a big storm rolling in, and it is going to be you against mother nature out there on the boat - what do you do? Do you want to be out there on your own?

No. That would be putting your life at stake. A bad sailor will go out and drink and wait for the storm to pass. A good sailor will prepare for a change in the weather. He'll get the boat ship-shape. Make sure everything is in good repair. Make sure the boat is well provisioned and strong. Because even on a good day, the sailing the high seas is dangerous. You need to be alert and prepared.

The same is true in these dark days, friend.

My advice is to stay hyper local. Hyper local as in working on oneself.

I recognize that right now, we don't do enough to free ourselves.

This begins at a very fundamental level. I know plenty of people who are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol. I know guys working jobs they hate. I know guys who get bossed around by their wives and girlfriends. I know people who are deep in debt. I know people addicted to food. I know people who are addicted to fear and negativity.

In none of these people are free. And I am of the opinion that if a person can't free himself on that very fundamental level, you shouldn't even think of trying to "free" the country. Or free others from a perceived tyranny.

Sometimes people do deserve their fate. If they want to be blind to the abuse as long as their abusers keep them fat and happy, then I see no salvation for them.

This is true. The committed smoker will ignore the abuse they are heaping on their body, all the while keeping Phillip Morris fat and happy. The same with the Coca Cola company, and Frito Lay.

- - - - -

The point that I'm making is that the vast majority of Americans have been conditioned, from a very young age, to give away their freedom happily and without awareness. Most of us have no understanding of who we are or what we're capable of.

Begin with your own self. That is what this whole post is about. Start with yourself, but be kind and gentle. Give yourself the gift of presence.

First understand your own suffering. Ask yourself, "How am I not free?" My suspicion is that it is at a more fundamental level than because of government tyranny.