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2016: Paul and Kucinich endorse Johnson/Stein ticket.

Imagine the shake up: Rand Paul is denied a spot on the Republican ticket and Dennis is rejected in favor of Hillary. They decide not to go down without a fight and so they endorse the Libertarian/Green fusion ticket. Johnson/Stein invite Rand and Dennis to join their bus tour.

They scare the daylights out of the two corporate parties with several states too close to call on Nov. 8. They win 7 states and the electoral college totals are:

Clinton/Castro 269
Ryan/Martinez 234
Johnson/Stein 35

We have a potential constitutional crisis. Suddenly deals are being made left and right for leadership positions. The House is now in slim Democratic control and they are 50/50 in the Senate. The outcome: Clinton/Martinez and new leadership posts for Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Bernie Sanders, Angus King, Elizabeth Warren, Mark Udall, Mark Kirk, Ron Wyden and three or four others riding the libertarian/progressive coalition coattails.

For more on how to make this happen: http://usamultipartycoaltion.blogspot.com/

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Gary is cool, Stein is an

Gary is cool, Stein is an admitted socialist.

Stein is just disgusting

No way.

Some kind of

Some kind of organized campaign of strategic voting could really be a game changer in 2014.

ok with Johnson, chuck the rest

I doubt a socialist and a libertartian could share office very well. What kind of voter would support that ticket. That being said, if we're going to have a socialist, I'd rather it be a thoughtful one like Jill Stein instead of a dork like Obama.

The rest just sounds like needless drama and great stuff for a political novel. Me, I'd rather just see the good guys win!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Gary Johnson

could be a great President. Why the hate?

But I still would like Rand to man up and fight like his dad did. Take it to the debates! All the Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh listeners are backing Rand. He has a better shot. Don't give up!

Imagine if all the Rick Sanorum votes went to Ron Paul.

We would have won!

Drones, preemptive war, taking out Joseph Kony

without congressional authorization, and flip flopping back and forth on all of it.

He could be a good president, in our dreams that is.....

Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson did all that?

The flip flopping, yes

He supported everything I said he did.

When the primaries started, I was always careful to mention that Johnson was a alright guy as well as Ron, I have changed my mind since then.

when you read an article about a candidate, and he states his position on an issue (a bad one) and then hear him on the radio a few weeks later and he states his position on the same issue (a good position this time) how can you trust him? he had been running for over a year at that point, and he said he changed his mind.

if you really care to learn about him, here is a good starting point:


So were getting back into misleading, sensational and

ridiculous subject lines as if they are news, huh?

That kind of stuff has the potential to make the DP look like the World News.

It's even worse than all those dumb 'onion' videos...

like this one:

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I don't think Ron

would come out and endorse them unless it was a Bush that won on the GOP side.

Johnson and Stein together?

Gary Johnson is just barely acceptable to many Libertarians including me, but if he chooses a Marxist running mate, he has lost my vote and respect permanently. And if there is any endorsement from the Libertarian Party, I will burn my card and denounce the organization.

Son of a Mitt

Ain't a gonna happen

Ron is a Pro Life Paleo-Conservative, as far as I know he has never endorsed a pro abortion candidate.

same with Rand.

Am I wrong?