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Oath to Queen a reasonable form of ‘compelled speech,’ judge rules (Canada)

I thought you guys would like this one

From the Globe and Mail - Canada

"The oath of citizenship that new Canadians must swear to the Queen is not a violation of anyone’s rights to free expression, a Toronto judge has ruled.

Three permanent residents challenged the oath of loyalty to the Queen as an affront to their beliefs and one that made it impossible for them to gain the benefits of citizenship, such as being able to vote or run for office.

One was an Irish immigant who said his family fought for Irish independence and he remains opposed to a “hereditary monarch who lives abroad.” Another said he sees the Queen as a symbol of elitism, and a third is a Rastafarian from Jamaica who views the Queen as the “head of Babylon,” and who believes she would not be able to speak out against the monarchy if she took the oath.

They received a history lesson from Justice Edward Morgan of the Ontario Superior Court, who said he believes the oath is a form of “compelled speech,” but a reasonable one under the Canadian constitution.

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I am an ex pat up here in Canada

If I want to become a citizen, I have to take this oath...

well I have an oath for her, but not the one she wants hear 8)

To bad queeny, I won't be one of your subjects