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AIPAC To America: Negotiations With Iran Must Be Backed By Strength!

A new memo from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee states that America should increase sanctions and seek to justify the possible use of force against Iran:

As world leaders gather in New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, international powers are expected to renew talks soon with Iran about its nuclear program. Washington can improve the prospects of success for such talks by taking steps to expand sanctions against Iran and to enhance the credibility of the option to use force. The international community should only consider sanctions relief if Iran complies with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions that require suspending its nuclear activities. Any such relief must be commensurate with the extent of Tehran’s actions.


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In the interest of good faith.

As a fierce critic of Israel

As a fierce critic of Israel and neocons, I agree! I think he should have said "dual citizen neo-cons" instead. And yes, you are right that most Jews are not neo-cons.

Now the same trolls are downvoting

you, Atlanta for even mildly suggesting that not all Jews are evil. Maybe this site has been invaded by Stormfront.

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Just as no other nation comes before Israel for Israelis, no other nation comes before America for Americans.

Sign the petition (below) and let them know their directives are not in the best interest of the United States and are not welcome!


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

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It really bothers me that

It really bothers me that AIPAC tries to dictate American foreign policy. Does it bother anyone else? And do you think we should make some noise about it? Or do you think it's not really all that important an issue?


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I agree with this statement.

But I don't agree with AtalanticIconoclast that Israel is an "apartheid state". It isn't.

Being pro-Israel is not a 'deal breaker' for me. Supporting interventionism, globalism, & fiscal-instability, is.

I am with Rand Paul on Israel. We should end ALL foreign aid. And we should start with the nations that are openly hostile to the USA.
We give 7x times the amount of foreign aid we give to Israel, to Islamic dictatorships that are openly hostile to Israel.
Our tax dollars fund both sides of the middle-east conflict.
The whole thing is orchestrated from the top, and the Globalist Elite of all these countries, including the PLO and Assad as well as certain factions in Israel, are profiting from the death and suffering of their own people, as well as their neighboring countries' peoples.

The Global Elite, who also control the US at the top, are using the ME conflict to start WW3, funded by US tax dollars, to bring forth their New World Order. They are using us, the American people. And that is why, I am opposed to AIPAC's and all the globalist's BS.

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Let's see, Jewish ONLY

Let's see, government subsidized Jewish ONLY colonies on the West Bank. Home demolitions for Palestinians alone. Marriage Laws and immigration laws that privilege Jewish status. Education and social services that are superior for Jews. Sounds like apartheid to me!

Problem is that Rand isn't really in favor of ending aid to Israel any time soon, and THAT is a deal breaker for me.

And how can Israel be considered an ally, when it was involved with 9/11?

Jewish only, huh?

So... what about all those nations that surround Israel?

It's not like non-Muslims in these countries are second class citizens... oh, wait, they are.

It's not like countries like Iran will actually execute a Christian, for preaching Christianity... Oh, wait, they do... did.

The Middle east is a messed up place, but the Muslim countries there are far greater opposed to individual liberty than Israel is. It is really strange that people who claim to be part of the liberty movement blindly defend totalitarian Muslim theocracies, and want-to-be dictators like Putin, while rabidly opposing the only nation in the middle east that has freedom of religion, and supports individual liberty. Heck, Muslims can even serve in the Knesset (Israel's government).

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You simply refuse to debate

You simply refuse to debate with honesty. And you refuse to actually read my arguments. I NEVER said Israel was Jewish only. I was talking about the Jewish ONLY racial colonies that continue to be built in East Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank. Get that? Now on to your next argument.

Of course many of the surrounding Arab nations are brutal. However, it was the Muslim Middle East where both Jews and Christians were relatively well treated, especially compared to what the Jews went through in Christian Europe. It is true that religious tolerance has declined, but that is a recent phenomenon, partially due to the Wahabi movement (funded by the corrupt House of Saud) and the radicalization of the people in this region due to America's horrible policies.

I never said Israelis don't have more freedoms. HOWEVER, the difference is that Israel has an apartheid system AND is supported by our taxes (much more than any other nation in the region) AND is given special access to critical national security info as well as the personal data of the American people and its leaders. No other nation is given such special favor. And finally, no other nation was as involved with 9/11 as was Israel. And no other nation has as many dual citizens in key positions of American power as does Israel.

I don't speak out as much against Arab tyranny, cause it is propped up by the US govt. and because my taxes don't subsidize it nearly as much as they do Israeli apartheid and Zionist terrorism.

Are we clear? Try paying closer attention if you wish to have a dialogue with me please.

When someone sides with the PAULs on DailyPAUL...

and makes a reasonable, agreeable, argument consistent with the ideals of liberty... and they're downvoted multiple times...

There's a troll problem.

Seriously, why would you downvote? Because I said Israel is not apartheid state? The Palestinians want to be separate, do they not? They don't want to join Israel, do they? No. So they demand separation, and then call it apartheid? Why, because they cannot produce anything for themselves, and rely on Israel for aid, so they get to complain they don't get enough free stuff, like a bunch of whiny socialists? Is that why it's apartheid? Puh-lease.

Down-vote that.

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Lawmanjed, I appreciate your comments on DP.

IMO, you always present an intelligent argument worth taking the time to consider. You have made some very valid points (which I believe you made in good faith) but, this isn't one of those. I have read and heard first hand accounts from people (Jew, Christian and Muslim) over the course of many years about Palestine and about Israel and from what I've learned, I have to disagree with you about Israel not being an apartheid state. It is; and Palestine was not the ignorant, lazy, backwater place you seem to believe it was. This is the revisionist version of history being taught in Israeli schools today. (Isn't that what's happening in the schools here, too?)

You seem to be a fair person, one who would prefer the truth, despite the national narrative to which you seem to have fallen victim. I would strongly urge you to read Miko Peled's, "The General's Son", if you haven't already. One Israeli's journey of self discovery and emancipation from the national narrative, led him to a better path for everyone involved. After reading what Peled had to say and learning what he is doing to stand by his convictions, I gained a sense of hope. Please consider this: http://mikopeled.com/ and come to whatever conclusions you will. But, consider it. It's well worth the time.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Whether Israel is an apartheid state, is certainly debatable...

I stated to AtlanticIconoclast that I don't think it is. Again, the issue is debatable. I also have made clear many times that I don't agree with a lot of the Israeli government's actions.

That said, the point of my comments are not about that debate, but about lobbying groups, and while I am no fan of AIPAC, and have stated as much several times, there are other nations that lobby the US government as well, whose relationships with our government are equally harmful to this nation, if not more so than Israel.

The minute that I imply there may be other forces than just Israel that are at work, I get attacked and downvoted by the usual suspects, into oblivion.

Now to address your comment, I never said post-WWII Palestine was an "ignorant, lazy, backwater", as you put it. I never said anything like that. But it's not producing anything now.
And as for "revisionist history" being taught in Israel, I wouldn't know as I am a NB American Citizen, and never been to Israel. But, I do know, as I have seen exactly what the Palestinian children are taught, and the Jew hatred they are systematically taught, makes your "revisionist history" look like Sesame street. Indeed, the Pallies are the ones teaching the revisionist history. And yes, apparently no government can trusted to education, nor should they be. Everywhere, definitely including the US, has terrible education, teaching half-truths and misinformation.

I have definitely NOT fallen into any national narrative. I believe it is apparent that many posters here, have done that very thing. Whether they be parroting the lies that the PLO spews, or they are blindly supporting Putin and the globalists, or even posters like Granger who blindly support Israel and accept U.N. globalism. For you to claim I have fallen for some national narrative, you first have to state that narrative, then show how/where I have parroted that narrative. I oppose the NWO globalist agenda. Israel is not my #1 enemy. In fact they are not my enemy at all. The globalist elitists who are in all governments are my enemy.

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They only want separation

They only want separation cause Israel refuses to give them equal rights in Israel. If Israel had assimilated the Palestinians when it conquered the West Bank and Gaza and the Golan Heights, there would be no need for a Palestinian state. We would have already seen one state for all peoples.

Over 100 thousand 'Palestinian' Muslims did join Israel...

...In 1948...

And there are still thousands of Muslims living happily in Israel, many who were descendants of the 'Palestinian' Muslims who joined Israel in '48.

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Bullshit! If it wasn't for Rome

They would be living in peace like most People Want to Do. and America would not be in DEBT to the bankers.

You Sir, are NOT an Iconoclast, you don't stand for America.

Keep posting here, you have the message of Granger that needs to be heard.

IMO, this is THE biggest

IMO, this is THE biggest foreign policy issue and a deal breaker for me. If a politician wants my vote, they better not cow-tow to the apartheid state of Israel.

hey man

Remember me....I can see you are very passionate about this topic, I 'd like to talk to you sometime about this. Do you still have my e-mail address?

yes, thanks for reaching

yes, thanks for reaching out

just message me

As bad as AIPAC is...

... they are not the only problematic foreign lobbying group. Saudi Arabia, comes to mind. Britain has a ton of influence on us, as well. The list is long, wide, and deep.

Not to mention the U.N., and the crap that foreign international (lobbying) group has dragged US into.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Lawmanjed, this is the last comment I will make on any of

your posts or replies as you have labeled me as a stalker.

I'm confident that DP has an army of well informed Americans to respond to you without my help.

God Bless you and continue on your path for freedom and justice. I will do the same.


Jumping to conclusions... I am no fan of AIPAC

Just scroll down and you'll see I am no fan of AIPAC...

If those who blame Israel for every little thing think Saudi Arabia & other nations don't hold sway over US policy as well, you're the delusional ones.

Base1, you will only respond to me when you think you have the numbers to gang up on me. Yes, there are a lot of misinformed, Jew-haters, and Muslims raised to hate Israel, on this site. Yes, they will deny Saudi Arabia's power & influence, and blame everything on Israel. Yes, they are on your side, Base1.

G-d bless and good luck on learning something, to you too.

(P.S. - the last time you will respond to me? Great! But, I doubt it.)

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You're Free and Welcome to Inform Us

of the organizations and lobbying efforts from your long, deep, and wide list.

Pro-Israel Political Action Committees (PACs): AIPAC does not give campaign contributions itself but instead uses a campaign finance network consisting of around thirty Pro-Israel Political Action Committees (PACs), which AIPAC is constantly signaling. Only four of these PACs have names that indicate their true agenda, such as ‘Allies for Israel’ or ‘World Alliance for Israel.’ The rest have innocuous names like ‘National Action Committee’ or ‘Heartland PAC.’ Constituents usually don’t realize their candidates are receiving money from PACs that advance the interests of a foreign government.

Usually a PAC can only donate $5,000 for a primary and $5,000 for general elections. But with thirty "unaffiliated" PACs marching in lockstep behind AIPAC, this can balloon up to $300,000 for any given candidate. The extent of this influence remains hidden from view. They also use "bundling," which means taking various individual donations and handing them over en masse to a candidate, so that on the books it shows up as several individual donations, but everyone except the FEC understands who’s really controlling the money.

A 1996 book called Stealth PACs reports that "in 1988, Israel’s lobby had 78 PACs spending more than $5.5 million to bribe Congress to vote more aid for Israel. That was more than total contributions together of the two next largest special interests in the United States—the real estate lobby and the teamsters."

More here: http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/israellobby/isr... Please fully investigate the site and share with all friends on Facebook--thank you!

Have no doubt that most American Jews suppor these actions. Have no doubt that a very high percentage of American Jews finacially support these actions. They do it either directly or through their synagogue. Some do oppose, but they are a small minority.

Jed: I suggest that you

start a thread about these other groups. Why haven't you already started one before? It could be that you don't want to get the topic of lobbying started because you know what AIPAC does and I wouldn't be a bit surprises that in all reality that you secretly support it.
Start another one and stop trying to clutter this one up with your baloney. We know Israel is first with you--go over there and live and fulfill the covenant that your'e always talking about!

How dare you accuse me of being "Israel first"...?

What can someone do when they are falsely accused of something?

You have just falsely, baselessly accused me of "secretly supporting" AIPAC. You have blamed me for NOT starting another thread on Saudi Arabia, or other nations' lobbying efforts...?
You then accuse me of 'cluttering up' your little hate-on-Israel circle jerk thread, with my horrible objective thinking. Thanks for trying to silence my right to speak my mind on this site. I thought this site was specifically so that we could intelligently discuss these kinds of issues. I am not exactly against you on this topic either, unless you are a Saudi lobbyist.

You called me "Israel firster".

I have never supported foreign aid, interventionism, globalism, or anything that can be construed as putting Israeli interests ahead of American interests. Where you get off accusing me of that is beyond me, but it's on you.

To me, you are an anti-Israel troll, if you are willing to baselessly attack another poster who for the most part is agreeing with you, solely because he is not outright anti-Israel, and only anti-Israel, as you are. You are fine with whatever evil globalist agenda another nation, especially a Muslim nation, might have, so long as it is bad for Israel. I see hypocrite phony liberty supporters here all the time supporting the U.N. and globalism whenever it hurts Israel. Just admit your sole reason for being here is because you want to destroy Israel. Name me one Muslim country that has ever supported individual liberty? Liberty is the enemy of Islam, by definition, which means, 'Submission'.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

How dare you deny it!

And I also accuse you of sipping puppy poo with a long straw--now scram poopy!

I oppose the vicious and

I oppose the vicious and corrupt House of Saud as well, but you are deluded if you think the Saudi lobby has nearly as much power as that of Israel.

seems like the common theme

seems like the common theme here is


"Saudi lobby"?

Please name another country which has a lobby group in Washington which gathering is attended by over three quarters of the US Congress members, as well as the President and Vice President of the US and any high ranking Cabinet members in any way or another related to US foreign policy (Sec. of State and Sec. of Defense included). Saudi Arabia, Britain? I don't think so.

Here you go... Learn a little... Make sure you click the links

Saudi Arabia & Arab Lobby...




This from a pro-Palestine supporter...


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