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Stealing from the 1% Isn't The Solution, It Is The Problem

I saw this passage, and it drew this into sharp focus:

$50 TRILLION needs to become the new 99%. If the propagandized masses understood how much $50 trillion is, and how just a mere fraction of that staggering amount of wealth could be used to evolve society, for the benefit of everyone, we would have a full-blown societal evolution right now.

For example, only $1 trillion could provide jobs to 20 million unemployed people, paying them each $50k per year. $1 trillion could also send 127 million to college AND provide health insurance for 206 million people.

Superficially, he paints a tempting picture: the super-rich have $50 trillion in cash sitting around that they refuse to spend, and the world could enter a new era of prosperity if they'd just come off of it. But that $50 trillion is not bundles of cash or gold coins, and even if it were, the sudden release of huge amounts of useless paper money or gold coins wouldn't suddenly create a bunch of products and services for people to enjoy.

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