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Good interview with Dr Paul i never saw this before korelin report

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I really appreciate this link. Sent it to my die-hards.

As far as people starting to take him seriously, to the poster below. How much more seriously do you expect them to take him? They take him sooooooooo seriously that they laugh in his face, they ask him stupid questions, they keep him off the air, they use every propaganda method they have against him, then they tinker with the votes, they tinker with the polls, they use the mass media to ridicule him.

Believe me, they are taking this man very, very seriously. But to expect them to start giving him air and treating him with the respect he has earned, you are nuts. "They" are owned by the people who Dr. Paul is fighting. There will be no help from the media, EVER. So forget it. The fact that we have no media is proof that we are doing extremely well. We just cannot get discouraged by media. Mitt owns much of the media and "they" own the rest of the media.

We the people have been idiots as long as we could and now we are paying for it.

Jeez, this is absolutely

Jeez, this is absolutely awe-inspiring. Here's a guy running for President who is sitting around with a bunch of guys who have degrees in economics and who make their living studying markets and he's got them all just sitting there nodding their heads and basically speechless. Paul is an absolute genius, and anybody who doubts that need merely listen to this interview. WOW!

Economic prophet

He's been talking about the economy way before anyone else on the presidential stage. Maybe people will start to take him seriously now.

Ron Paul is my HERO!