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Any RP supporters want to protest war in Atlanta, Georgia?

Maybe I am just not seeing it, but it seems like the outcry against war today is miniscule compared to the documented history of the opposition to the Vietnam war. I unfortunately can't say that I myself have protested other than to try to support Ron Paul and to pray for peace.

When I see the picture like the one at the bottom of this page I wonder where the protestors of Vietnam have gone:


If anyone in driving distance to Atlanta, Georgia wants to protest war or call for all of our troops to be brought home, please let me know.

As Christians, our family is opposed to what the current(as well as recent) administration of the United States government is doing to people in other parts of the world. We would like to let the good folks in the Bible belt know that there are more than a few Christians who want to "follow after peace with all men." (Hebrews 12:14) We would like to stand together with any and all peaceful protestors.

Last, does anyone have a link to a collection of photos documenting the recent and ongoing war(s)?

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there are none

Im from Houston. Traveled to Los Angeles for a protest. Supposed to be a 1000 attend only 10 showed up. This is the most evil nation ever.

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I protested against Vietnam

I protested against Vietnam war in the 60's when I was 17. I would be glad to join an anti-war protest but I'm too far from Atlanta. It would be nice if we had such protests in every major city. Somehow we managed to do it in the 60's WAY before the internet and "social media"...

Beware the cult of "government"...