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Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version

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As soon as I saw

Kaiser, Chomsky and Stiglitz in the trailer...I knew this was "limited hangout" trash.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

This film presents a good

This film presents a good outline of the banking system.

It misdiagnoses the methods which allow the banksters to loot us however.

Last, its suggested fixes are an epic failure.

I do not recomend the 4 Horsemen. There are vastly better documentaries out there if you are trying to expose the central banking empire to someone.

Martinson's "Crash Course" is a great unbiast look at our economic system which explains everything in a way anyone can understands. It spends several chapters explaining the foundational definitions of economics before tying them together.

They get some of it right!

I am about halfway through and there are so many things wrong already. There are objections to a lot of what they are saying and either they are unaware or ignoring that. There are several areas where the film is just inaccurate. They get some of the objections to the FED right. Don't be fooled this is not some pro market - anti crony capitalist film. They only gloss over crony capitalism and proceed as if what we have is just a natural progression of things. Some of the people they interview includes leftist Joe Stiglitz! Watch it for yourself as I could right volumes on the problems with this film. From a film making standpoint the camera work,editing, sound, etc is really well done.


even going so far as to completely misrepresent Milton Friedmans views on the markets. Using terms like the "Chicago Boys"...reminding me of the Shock Doctrine. They even go into pro-regulatory talk in a number of different parts of the film.

It's a shame....because there are some jewels intermingled within....loved the part which explains Fiat currencies.

imo: This is lame. To sum it

imo: This is lame. To sum it up: The dollar is created by the Fed Reserve out of thin air and those dollars are sent to fund wars and the special elites and everything is controlled by the corporations and we need a change.
Notice that the speakers are currently or formerly on the state's payroll or largess. Not once in the film do they call for freedom, they just trot out the same lame desire to have the government do it better, you know, to help the little people. The rest is whining by or for the victims of the current system. Then it sets fear of dwindling resources to promote elimination of the income tax in favor of the consumption tax which is tied to dwindling resources. My guess is they would think a carbon footprint type tax would better allocate and protect resources. The dead give away to me that this is authoritarian based was that they always spoke in terms of what "we", "as a society" need to do, together, with the system. Oh, and any time humans are presented as another specie of animal, as this film does strongly, is a real deal killer for me.

you are the lamest troll ever on the DP.

only your summery made any sense at all.

everything past that point is conjecture, speculation and emotionally driven narrative.

this film frickin NAILS IT!

Read my

comments above.

you are not factoring in the advent of "fossil" fuels.

combined with fiat money and central banking.
we humans are in a mess. I got news for you brother, if I invented a box that could go outside your house and produce free energy...
it would destroy the 'economy" overnight.

Ha Ha, 2 down votes!

with no explanation!

frickin trolls and sockpuppets.

hair of the dog. bioches.

I down voted you. Allow me

I down voted you. Allow me to explain:

1) We are not a democracy. In the film, they call us a flawed democracy. All Democracy is flawed because this system embodies the tyranny of the majority. A Republic works because it protects the rights of the minority from the vote of the majority.

2) Deregulation is NOT the problem. We have too much regulation in this country. Regulations are put into place by the very people who are looting us because they strengthen monopolies. Regulation creates a mine field that smaller up and coming companies cannot afford to navigate. Large companies who have lost the ability to compete in a free market and are ponderous survive by paying off politicians to rig the game in their favor and create regulations which they can afford to navigate, but new companies cannot. In essence, they survive by the might of their political influence and legal team, not inovation and superior products. This film calls for more regulation again and again, blaming the entire crash on deregulation. Just because the criminal bankers moved some regulations around to suite their plunder does not mean the market was "deregulated."

3) Regulation via government can never work. Its a fairy tale because of the way in which government works. Governments are incentivsed to fail. If the beuracracy charged with fixing a problem ever actually succeeded in fixing the problem, the beuracrates in charge would be out of a job. The only way for them to have job security is for that problem to grow worse every year, thus guaranteeing increased funding and insulation vs. layoffs.

Next, because government wages are fixed on a time-bases instead of a performance basis, corruption is inherent due to human nature. Humans adapt and want more. Its in our nature. A beuracrate wants more than what he knows he's going to get on his time-based raises, however performance and doing a good job gets him nothing. The only time he is able to get more money than his expected salary is via corruption. Because there are always plenty of large companies willing to pay the beuracrate to "look the other way," and because the beuracrate polices himself 9 times out of 10, corruption is almost inevitable.

Capitalism gives people a way to ruthlessly seek higher personal profits without victimizing others. Capitalism incentivises success. Government, like all coersion based systems punishes success and rewards failure.

Summery: While this video does a fair job outlining many of the evil's of the banking system, and does a fair job explaining them; the solutions it proposes for fixing these systemic problems are not only wrong, but will lead directly back to repeating our history. Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

Democracy is illegal in this country.

repealing Glass-Stengel was a MAJOR issue.
the "food stuffs" of the people should NOT be gambled with.

"money" is a creation of the human mind. much like Religion.
both require "faith"

I don't mind if you downvote me, all of the mods and even Michael himself dislike me.
I close my eyes and I see. blood and roses.

Glass-Stengel was repealed

If Democracy is illegal in this country, how come 99% of Americans and the politicians who are sodomizing them seem to think we live in a Democracy? How come all of our textbooks have replaced the word "Republic" with "Democracy?" How come a property tax exists? How come the majority rutinley votes away the rights of the minority through a mirade of inititives and laws?

We "are" a collectivist Democracy which has trampled our Republic infrastructure. The only hope we have remaining is that we still have the tools (thanks to very forward thinking founders) to take back and restore our republic. While you are correct that democracy is illegal here, laws that are not enforced are irrelivant. Most of what our government does is illegal, including using flying death bots to butcher women and children. However since the same government which is charged with upholding the law is the one breaking it, we can see where that ends up.

Glass-Stengel was repealed "by" the regulators "for" the regulators so that they could loot us. The idea that "regulation" is going to do a damn thing when you're asking the elite to police themselves is absurd. Who are you going to hire to police the central bank and their empire when they can PRINT money!? You don't think they can buy ANY regulator? You won't fix systemic corruption by appealing to the corrupt/corruptable to police themselves. Its a pipe dream. You must attack their printing press and incentives.

"Currency" is a creation of the human mind which requires faith. "Money" is a product of cause and effect that occurs whenever humans wish to trade labor for labor, value for value without resorting to violence. Money rises naturally and spontaneously in an economy and will always have intrinsic value all on its own without any need for "faith." In other words, whatever comodity happens to become mone will be something that just about everyone values and wants.

Just watch children dump out their halloween bags on the floor and start trading candy. You'll see before your eyes the spontaneous rise of money as one sort of candy that everyone likes, but no one "loves" arises and becomes the medium of exchange that allows children to aquire the candy they really prize from the other children through trade.

I didn't downvote you because I dislike you. I don't know you. I downvoted you because the opinion you presented was incorrect. None of us were born with a grasp of these concepts. We all had to learn them through trial and error, and tons of study. When someone corrects your mistake, you should be thrilled to have gained knowledge.

I did not present an "opinion", nor did I present it as one.

I suspect that your opinion of facts that I presented are based on a version of the concept of "original sin".

your observation that I used an incorrect term is indeed correct. I should have said currency, not money.

you agreed with and in fact bolstered my statements. then you pummeled me with your version of "all men are bad, only god is good"
correct or incorrect?

Okay im laughing pretty hard

Okay im laughing pretty hard now. My friend, im about the most non-christian human you could ever meet. I invite you to look for some of my posts in threads like this one:

First, I don't consider the persuite of long-term self interests to be "bad" in any way. Infact you could more closley call me an Objectivist based on Aynn Rand's philosophy. Though I consider myself an anarcho capitalist and believe the best way to move forward for society is to bring our government back to a small republic, and from there do away with the concept of "government" completely and have unregulated raw capitalism where people coexist by the non-aggression principal in a 100% voluntary society.

To me, natural rights are a product of human reason birthed by logic and trial & error. They are the only rational way for humans to coexist without one group using force against another.

Bump for later viewing.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Must See


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

That good huh?

Is this the new Zeitgeist or something? Is it that good?

I've been here since 2007 - Will I learn anything new?

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Maybe not. But the film does a good job of pulling it together. Because of that it seems like a good documentary to share with those less informed.

Watch it... then decide (?)

** Don't know why you were down-voted.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Not sure how I missed this when it came to youtube last week?

Another confirmation that Private Central Banking and political corruption are the root of the worlds problems. Its been almost 4 years since I learned the truth about the money system and I still have a hard time beleiving that we were all fooled for so long...well, all but just a few like my hero, Dr Ron Paul!

Ship of Fools

I can't believe it was over 4 years ago and that intelligent friends and colleagues still haven't pulled the pipe off their faces to realize it is the barrel of a gun... Like Dr. Paul says - they are distracted while they nibble and pick around the edges of failed policy and the core issues. Most people's debates on the minutae are acts in futility while they run like hamsters on the wheel.

Thanks for posting.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo