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Checkmate: If Dems send back funding bill with Obamacare stripped out, House then are able to piecemeal it.

Heard on radio this morning:

According to the rules, if the Senate sends back Gov. funding Bill the House is then able to fund the Government piecemeal. Each piece of the government will be sent the Senate and to the President for approval, if they refuse to approve, it's on them.

Obviously the House will never send over the funding of Obamacare

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There must be some

There must be some compromises. Allow insurance to be sold across state lines, and abolish the clause that forbids the HHS from negotiating prices of drugs in Medicare Part D.

Hmm ...

... would be interesting.

But I'm not holding my breath. I just don't think Boehner is that smart (or honest).

You're assuming the GoP leadership wants to defund Obamacare

and that even if they did, they would have the balls to do this.

I think these are both very flawed assumptions.

I wish you were right, but what's going to happen is either Boehner will devise a trick, essentially a deliberate flaw in the bill put there for the Dems to exploit, which the house will buy, or at least is clever enough they can plausibly pretend they didn't see through, and then Boehner will pretend he was outfoxed by the nefarious and tricky Dems in the Senate.

"We tried, we followed the rules, we did everything we could do! It was the best we could do, when dealing with Democrats who don't follow rules"

Or Boehner will flat out cave.

The truth is the House could have stopped Obamacare, or anything else for that matter at any point. They simply do not wish to do so. It's not that they are incompetent at playing hardball politics, or that they try to follow the rules but the dems cheat. None of that is true.

They do not want to stop it or stop any spending at all. Except for the new TP guys, and give it time till they are bought out.

Hope it's correct

Would like to hear from Rand if this is true and if so, will he do it rather then roll over!