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You Won't Believe How Beautiful This UK Seat Belt Commercial Is Without A Single Word.

You Won't Believe How Beautiful This UK Seat Belt Commercial Is Without A Single Word.


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I hate wearing seat belts and feel like seat belt laws...

...encroach on freedom. So, this ad is good as it makes me "want" to wear a seat belt. If only temporal government had the desire and wisdom to operate this way, in all matters possible, instead of using force.

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Fact is they added seat belts to cars years before...

Fact is they added seat belts to cars years before they passed laws to actually wear them. Nobody was smart enough to do so on their own. This cost the taxpayers as a whole a lot of unneeded expense. Everyone was paying for those that would not wear them. There is a real reason why race car drivers choose to wear them.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.


So we are with the ideal that everyone else out there has courteous and exceptional driving skills? The wreck you have will not be your fault and you will never see it coming. As a towtruck owner and operator all my life you have no idea how much carnage I have seen.

Most of it was inflicted on "Good and Courteous" innocent drivers and their children. There is no way someone can claim they will never be in an accident. I have swept up too much human matter, Brains, Intestines, eyeballs, Limbs, etc. to support anarchy on this issue. Please forgive me but I have just seen too much of this.

The children that were not tied down is always the worst for me. There may have one time been a day, But it is now long gone.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

If you are never in a wreck,

If you are never in a wreck, why do you need a seat belt?

Southern Agrarian

No one ever mentions

No one ever mentions how seat belts increase the risk of an accident in SOME situations. Not many, but some. There is no doubt in my mind about this. I work in the mountains in the summer and drive on a lot of winding mountain roads. A couple of times per day I will need to make a very sharp turn and my seatbelt will lock up on me and hinder my ability to turn the wheel. This has never caused me to go off the road, but it has caused me to swerve more than I would like. Thank God I have never met an oncoming car this way.

So then I always have to weigh who benefits from the driver's(my) seatbelt use. The driver may in this situation(my opinion), but the passengers certainly do not. They do not since my likelihood of getting in an accident increases from my seatbelt use. Then I usually have to take it off and risk the ticket, possible employer troubles, and my safety to protect my passengers; since that is my primary duty as driver(my self assigned duty).

What a crime to use a law to prevent someone from using their own judgment when trying their best to protect their family or coworkers.

How about drivers driving more recklessly because they have a seat belt on(from a feeling of invincibility or whatever)? Don't anyone try to tell me they wouldn't slow down in some situations if they had no seatbelt or airbag or any safety features. How can anyone realistically claim making seatbelt use mandatory has not caused or led to more accidents? Now I am not arguing that total injuries have increased or anything because of seatbelt use(I don't believe that). All I am saying is that those who would force me to wear a seatbelt have at times endangered my passengers and have at other times had to have caused an accidents somewhere.

Forgot about the commercial, ha

I liked it. Much better than the threats I hear on the radio around here(USA). If some private group put that on the tube here I would be happy.

Whatevski. What I like is

Whatevski. What I like is that, as long as I'm in a primary offense seat belt state, if I don't wear a seat belt, men and women wearing government-owned (which is to say purchased with funds stolen by force and/or fraud) outfits and carrying government-owned firearms amongst other government-owned weaponry will put on flashing lights and sirens of government-owned vehicles intending to make me pull over. I will pull over, then they will not only force me to put my seat belt on, but they will also issue me a demand/threat for money, insisting I owe them my property as a result of failing to protect myself with a seat belt in my car, despite my lack of memory of ever having promised them I would do so or agreeing to such consequences should I not. Should I resist putting my seat belt on, resist accepting their notice of demand, or resist paying the demand, they will kidnap me and put me in a cage. Of course, if I resist said kidnapping, they will beat, electrocute, or kill me as necessary. It is a totally reasonable cause-and-effect sequence of events. Reason #7,744 I love living in a free country. Liberty rAwKs y'all!

You know, while I'm not anti-abortion, it's quite astonishing when, in an attempt to view a society logically, you consider the fact that it's perfectly "legal" to kill a human being that's still inside its mother, but "illegal" to operate a motor vehicle without securing yourself to your seat with a strap. Kill the baby inside you? Sure! Attempt to live without purchasing a commodity called health insurance? ILLEGAL. THOU SHALT FEEL THE WRATH OF THY GOD THE GOVERNMENT. Crossing the street to have your unborn child murdered? Not a problem... so long as you cross inside the designated crosswalk during and only during the time in which the crossing signal says you are allowed to cross. Otherwise, your death-session will have to wait until you've identified yourself to a representative from the government that will then write up a demand for your money as punishment for failing to cross the street in a manner not sanctioned by government. Now you go have that infant slaughtered, but don't let me see you jaywalking ever again. ARE WE CLEAR?

Of course I disagree with any seatbelt laws.....

... it's amazing the difference in presentation and mentality of this UK seatbelt ad vs our typical "click it or ticket" intimidation campaigns here.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

I'm one of those statistic

I'm one of those statistic anomalies. When I was 14 I was in a car accident, my friend was driving, his mom was in the passenger seat, and I was in the back seat without my seatbelt. I don't know why I didn't have it on, I'm usually a stickler for having one on. But this day we got tboned while we were doing 55, went into a deep ditch, flipped three times yet landed upright. I awoke laying across the dashboard and was cut up a bit but that was it. The whole back end of the blazer was crushed where I was siting. I thank God that he saved me that day. Everyone was ok and from the looks of that car everyone should have died.

I know others too

I know others, like you, who would have been crunched if they had been wearing their seat belt. Sometimes being thrown is better....but MOST of the time it isn't. Still, it should be the choice of the person to wear or not. You don't know why you weren't but maybe it was your intuition that knew not too at that time.

I have always been against seat belt laws ever since they went into effect. I nearly always wear one though.

The Laws of Physics and Statistics

Only convinced immortals and believers of fairytales believe they can avoid accidents or death by reacting fast. The rest of us need to play the odds and wear a seatbelt.

Our puny little forearms will not be able to stop our forward motion when something blocks the vehicle's forward motion.

Nor will those arms be strong enough to stop the dog or infant in arms from continuing forward until they hit the dashboard (or the airbag).

As for the "I was thrown clear" when the vehicle rolled argument, or other statistically-rare exceptions to the rule... It might happen once, but what about next time?

I don't think the government should mandate seatbelts, and I hope no public funds were spent on the ad, but it's in the best interests of insurance companies to prevent head injuries, and the benefits to passengers are obvious.

If I were on a jury in a case involving the non-use of seatbelt injury, I would consider the "victim" had some responsibility, too.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Social engineering

for the benefit of the bottom line of the corporate interests.
Have you personally done research on seat belt use and injuries?

I have.

Short version: I was hit head on by an airborne car traveling 80 mph.
I had no seat belt on.
I walked away.
My passenger in the front seat did have his seat belt on.
He almost died from a fractured sternum and a bruised heart. He spent two weeks in the hospital.

Long version:
In 1984 I was hit head on by a car full of drugged up Hispanic kids who stole the car from the driver's aunt.
I had a 1978 Monte Carlo land on my windshield like bird s-h-i-t.
That car was uninsured and unregistered.

The Monte Carlo went over the center guard rail so hard (80 mph) that it sheered the wheels off the car.

I was traveling slow in the far right lane because I was slowing down for a car to my right that was on fire. It was 4 am on I-95 in Connecticut. That car had to cross three lanes of a four lane road to get to me.

There was no way I could escape the flying Monte Carlo. When I looked out my windshield it was all I could see. Two headlights.

That is quite remarkable

Everyone has their own opinion as to how effective seat belts are and I have never done any research. I assume that the story that you give is indicative of the trend and is backed by stats ?

Either way, I think that all "libertarians" should agree that if the choice doesn't effect anyone else, then the right to make it should be entirely the individuals.

I would also debate the worth for the claim that seat belt less victims effect others by using up medical resources for their treatment, as though they can somehow exploit the energy of others by getting themselves harmed. This is insensitive and illogical if you ask me.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

Don't get me wrong

I thought the commercial was great.
And I wear a seat belt all the time.
I also only drive BMW and Mercedes Benz because I've seen both brands save people from horrendous accidents numerous times.

Still posting stuff here that

Still posting stuff here that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the purpose of this site I see.

Wouldn't you be happier posting this fluff on Reddit?

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Huh... he posted it under tv,

Huh... he posted it under tv, video and movies plus it's opened up a good debate about seat belt laws so what's wrong with that :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

YOU KNOW he didn't post it to

YOU KNOW he didn't post it to start a debate on seatbelt laws.

Next will he post pictures of Kim Kardashian to start a discussion about copyright infringement and intellectual property?

you put the

sumbeechin eyeball phones DOWN and pay fliggin attention
bump da SBL- drivin free for forty years and when me tele's ringin - I keep on drivin - till I stop , then I check

+ 1

Thanks my friend

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Powerful Commercial Aye?

Thanks for posting Tom..


Be strong. Be wise. Save your own life & others around you.

When the tuff get going, will you be left alone in the dark? 1:29 minute film reel clip.

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Okay that was good! It should

Okay that was good! It should be a choice not a law but that was very well done.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Isn't It a Bit Strange How Many Lives Have Been Saved By The

wearing of seat belts, yet there are those that still make little comments about how it should be your choice to wear seat belts or not...

Free choice is what a free society is all about and I do agree it should be an individual choice for sure, however, some laws like going through a "Red Light" are not a point of contention...hummm


I do hear libertarians

complain about having to wait at red lights when there's no traffic. There are varied complaints related to red light cameras. There is also the complaint that non-libertarians sometimes believe red light laws are the only reason people don't run red lights all the time, as if the public has no capacity for civility or self-preservation.

I also believe we would have red lights in a libertarian society and that there would be consequences to reputation or access to roads for reckless red light runners even when they don't cause accidents.

Defend Liberty!


you should be able to go through a red light with a stop and go if nobody else is at the intersection. However these days a camera will probably catch you and mail you a ticket!

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Jeez, emalvini... yes, seat

Jeez, emalvini... yes, seat belts have saved lives and so have helmets but why are you giving credit to the government? Most of those lives were not saved because of a "law" they were saved because of the innovation of seat belts.
I've seen enough of your postings to know that you are aware of the fact that seat belt laws are just another way of increasing revenue by using the "keeping us safe" rhetoric.
So do you understand my "little comment" any better now?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Not A Valid Comparison

Although communities, cities, states have the right to make rules/laws for the use of their collectively owned property, the rules/laws cannot violate an individual’s rights where there is no risk of harm to others or their property.

Driving through a red light puts others at risk of harm and so trumps the individual’s right to do so. Not wearing a seatbelt, on the other hand, doesn’t put anyone else at risk of harm and so mandating its use is a violation of one’s rights.
Mandatory seatbelt laws are more comparable to drug use laws. If I choose to put myself at risk of harm by using drugs that’s my business.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I almost always wear my seatbelt and ‘drugs’ aren’t really my thing. I do like to have a couple of beers from time to time though and I would never want anyone to violate my right to do so.

I disagree with your opinion.

Unrestrained adults, children and pets turn into missiles in accidents. Many a back seat child has been catapulted through front and rear screens.
As a responsible adult, it is your duty to make sensible decisions that do not impact negatively on other people, be they family or the people who pick up the pieces after you.

I call bullshit

How many times have you heard about someone not wearing a seatbelt, flying from their car, and causing injury to other drivers on the road?

I'd say none, cause I've never seen or heard of that shit happening, EVER.

I didn't wear a seat belt for

I didn't wear a seat belt for years, mainly because my parents didn't. Now, as I've gotten older and conscious of my mortality, I willingly wear one. That being said, running a red light puts others in danger not just yourself. The idea of being libertarian is about individual rights, we are free to make our own choices as long as it doesn't cause harm to others. Its not the governments role to make laws that say we have to wear a seat belt.