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RPI: Did Senator Reid Let Slip Secret Plan to Use Navy Yard Killings as Excuse for New Medical Privacy Violations?

"There is reason for concern that the US Congress and the National Rifle Association may soon work together to use the Washington, DC Navy Yard killings earlier this week as an excuse to expand a US government database of all Americans' private medical information."
"The NRA is pursuing its ongoing lobbying effort with the US and state governments to expand the US government's mental health database and increase the flow of information into that database so more people may be prohibited from possessing guns."

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We're all mentally ill

If they link mental illness to guns ownership. We'll all be deemed mentally ill. Marxist public schools already dope up >20% of boys for ADD/ADHD (<6% girls). 20% of women 30yr and up are on antidepressants (16%-12yr & up, 25%-45-55yrs). Once a mental health gun control system was in place all sorts of seemingly minor problems will be added. 5th graders getting into a fight would be sent to school nurse. Nurse would require a full mental health evaluation. Doctor would prescribe balls-numbing drugs. All without notification of parents.
I firmly believe people who are an imminent threat to others physical safety should be locked up in either prison or hospital. If they're only crazy and/or an ex-con, all rights including 2nd should be retained.

The mentally ill have rights too!

I've always said that people need to be careful when defending gun rights or they risk galvanizing support for trampling the rights of the mentally ill. We're seeing it now. Since they've been denied gun control legislation, they're turning on an even more vulnerable segment of the population that unlike gunowners, doesn't have much of an organized lobbying group defending them.


Great, thanks!
To hell with the NRA.


Gun Owners of America

"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." -Ron Paul


Read it, folks, NRA is in cahoots.

Death in the family, mid-life crisis, loss of job and difficulty finding another...

NRA is complicit in establishing pre-crime units... that, imo, is what its members have been contributing to.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul