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BenSwann.com: Prohibition And Prostitution

Posted by Kristin Tate | September 22, 2013


The principle of sex for money is horrifying to many. But why should something that is completely consensual, and done in private, be banned? However vile prostitutes’ activities may be, their actions are not directly affecting anyone who chooses not to be involved (except maybe the hotel maid the following morning). But as usual, Washington bureaucrats feel the need to get in people’s private business by banning consensual sex for money.

Why does it matter what people do in private if others are not affected?

Prohibition never works. For instance, alcohol consumption increased sharply during Prohibition in the 1920s. Other effects of this ban: alcohol became more dangerous to consume, crime increased, and prisons became very overcrowded. When something is banned, its use rarely decreases significantly, and a black market is always created.

Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol, and it doesn’t work with prostitution.

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Tommy and Timmy. (HUMOR ALERT)

Little Tommy and Timmy were sitting at the curb one day and noticed a lot of men, holding $20 bills in their hands; were visiting one particular house. And leaving with a smile on their faces!

Timmy says, "Gee Tommy, I wonder what the are selling?"
Tommy says, "I don't know. How much money do you have?"
Timmy says, "I've got a dime."
Tommy says, "Well, I have fifteen cents, give me your dime and I'll see what we can buy."

So Tommy goes to the house, knocks on the door and is greeted by a shapely woman in a negligee.
He extends his hand with the coins and says, " I'd like to buy 25 cents worth of whatever you're selling!"

The woman accepts his money, takes his hand and rubs it around under her negligee for a few seconds then sends him on his way.

Tommy goes back and sits down next to Timmy but doesn't say anything as minutes pass.
Finally, Timmy asks, "Well, what are they selling???"

And Tommy replies, "I don't know...but we need to come up with $20!!!!!!!!!!"

Exercise Liberty and Humor.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

Politicians ban sex for money . . .

. . . while accepting money from the military industrial complex to facilitate mass murder, torture, and the destruction of what's left of the Bill of Rights.

. . . while accepting money from Monsanto to give us cancer and birth defects. . .

. . . while accepting money from the mobs and from the drug companies to keep safe, natural cures and palliatives (like marijuana) illegal, AND to encourage
the drugging of children with psychotropic, intelligence-destroying poisons.

Sex makes people feel good. So let's make selling it illegal . . . and you can bet money that the people who want to CASH IN on the black market thus created have enough politicians in their pocket to keep it illegal.

Get out a shovel for the irony. And take one guess who the REALLY evil and dangerous whores are.

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for Ben.

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