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‘Dabbing:’ Dangerous New Drug Seized in Maryland... dun Dun DUNNNNN!

Note: This is not the onion.

‘Dabbing:’ Dangerous New Drug Seized in Maryland

"This is the crack of marijuana," one official quoted a user as saying of the concentrated butane hash oil.

“It’s what’s described to me by one user, ‘This is the crack of marijuana,’” said Sgt Mike Conner, who works in the criminal enforcement division with the Maryland State Police. He said it is being seized in Maryland on state highways and through the mail system and "eventually it will come here" on a more widespread basis.

“It is dangerous,” Conner said. “People claim you can’t overdose on marijuana. In fact, you can. It’s so strong, they are passing out.”


Horrific video of kid "Dabbing his Face Off" at the Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup 2013. The dangers of free dab booths revealed!

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just watched the video.

Still trying to figure out where the horror is...


Seriously, what the flying f--k? I'm supposed to be all afraid or something because some stoner kid is enjoying smoking marijuana, in whatever form? I couldn't care less what you eat, smoke, drink, who you love, or how you love.

Is this supposed to be some kind of fear-mongering? Hell, if I was there, I'd take a few hits off that bong myself. It's about time people stand up and say, "We just don't care! Mind your own business, so you won't be minding mine!"

Jeez, it's like being revisited by Reefer Madness all over again...What a flaming pile of horse manure...OOOhhh, scary plant!

It's a crap statement and video

They show the same loser taking hit after hit after hit after hit of refined cannabis. This is no different of showing some loser take shot after shot after shot after shot of Moonshine.

There needs to video showing people popping 'legal' drugs like Oxycotin, Xanex, Loratab, Aderal, and the list goes on for hundreds of lines.

I 'dabbed' when I was in California last. It put me on my butt for a few minutes, but no different than the first time I tried marijuana. Much cleaner buzz and since I don't smoke cigarettes, it didn't make my lungs or throat hurt.

Binge Drinking and Binge Smoking is pretty common among people who have very little aspirations and/or responsibilities in life. If you have aspirations and/or responsibilities (i.e. career, spouse, children, etc) and you Binge Drink or Smoke, you run an extreme possibility of ruining your desired life experiences.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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butane ?

nah...use dry ice...

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

How many families are

How many families are destroyed from a little Jack Daniels? Yet it's portrayed as something real good on television isn't it.

Fk the propaganda. If you're not for legalization you are for slavery.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

"Horrific video" - "Dangers

"Horrific video" - "Dangers revealed"

With rhetoric like this, who needs the mainstream media? What was so horrifying about the video? Precisely what dangers were revealed in the video?

Weed and its culture is so

Weed and its culture is so friggen lame, sorry. I'm 40 and nothing has changed in that culture since I was into it and we're talking 20+ years ago. The people, clothes, hair styles, music... all just retro garbage. This new "counter culture" has the originality of a door knob... maybe a side effect of habitual marijuana usage???

Hey kids, I was in that culture for at least 4 years and it was probably the most unproductive, poorest, unintelligent time of my life. Watching this video brings back memories of those times, time I wish I could have back.

Choose your friends, paths and habits wisely because they may well ultimately make or break you....

+1 since idolizing or abusing anything is "lame"...

However, this "culture" you are describing does not define this herb... IMO this herb is a natural medicine... Like anything it can be abused. IMO combining this herb with butane is abusing it. (Make some coconut/canna oil instead for the best brownies, caramel popcorn or "primal" meal ever... no butane, chemicals or smoking involved)

Anyone with serious long term pain, insomnia, health and/or mental problems can find more relief in this herb than a medicine cabinet full of BigPharma. Unfortunately, I know and have seen too much of all sides of this. 1 example, my step-sister has MS, 43 yrs old, confined to bed and wheelchair for years. Constantly consuming a laundry list of Big Pharma meds with volumes of side effects- without any relief or progress. Because of negative stereotypes associated with this herb, she refuses to even try it.

On the other hand there is my 82 year old Dr... This amazing guy has had Polio/Post Polio Syndrome for most of his life and doesn't take a single Big Pharma drug anymore. Ever. Herb is his medicine. He does more in 10 minutes than my poor sister does all week. Sad.

Hey, I agree with you. I

Hey, I agree with you. I never said anything about the positive effects of this plant or the people who use it for medicine. But these dumb kids in this video are not using it for medicine, they are abusing it to help drop out of life. Moreover, it just celebrates the ability of some idiot who can go to extreme excess for no reason but to do it. This video is a perfect example of why the mainstream hates recreational drugs and thinks it's evil.

These kids are just abusing and that is a terrible unintended consequence for people who use it for medicinal purposes. The problem is that our culture and communities are so separated and so dysfunctional that this type of behavior is very common. There is no respect, responsibility, or accountability in the US but through the court system. There are no tribal leaders showing these kids the way. These kids are just making their own rules up as they go and they think it's OK. This leads to heartbreak and dysfunction in our communities.

Remember, it's freedom, not freedumb. I see videos like this and just reminds me how dysfunctional and degenerate our youth really are. And whether you agree or not, these kids are the ambassadors of this movement and this is the type of behavior people associate to weed and the culture.

Hey, I agree with you back :)

I know you didn't say anything about the positive effects, that's why I felt I had to. The MSM loves to show this side while ignoring the medical benefits. The only other comment I will make is thank goodness these kids aren't on meth or pain-pills.

Have an awesome day in Big Sur... I'm jealous. I go to Plaskett campground at least once a year (before or after all the tourists.) Last trip I had it almost to myself... I can't wait for my next visit to your little slice of heaven. Enjoy.

I don't live in Big Sur, but

I don't live in Big Sur, but would like to someday.

Nah... I'm just a Henry Miller fan. :)

Peace and love.


My house is starting to smell like shit from all the Jenkim I have been doing lately. I finally have something I can fall back on now...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


gross! haha

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Here's the kicker:

If the officer understands what he is saying to be scientifically false, who's ordering him to say this?

Imho, this is criminal. It's like saying that Apricot Seeds will kill you because cyanide will accumulate in your body. When in reality, it will freaking attack some Cancer cells.


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I passed out just watching that guy

Pretty sure thats what an alcoholic looks like I mean weed-a-holic. But i know, its a hobby not a disorder at last until it interferes with you work and social life.

I won't be posting for a few

I won't be posting for a few days. I'm headed to Maryland.

Maybe we could carpool.

Maybe we could carpool.

You can make it yourself from

You can make it yourself from any weed you can get your hands on. It's quite easy. No need to travel.

WOW. What a great documented

WOW. What a great documented scientific experiment on video.

When did passing out become

When did passing out become overdosing?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

that was going to be my first reply...

but then i thought, people find a way to call anything anything they want to call it. LOL... is passing out on alcohol "overdosing"? as far as i'm concerned, overdosing is when you are DYING from it. but.. with liberal interpretation of all words today.. like i said, anything can be anything, have a smurfing good smurf. ;)

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

With alcohol

an overdose is reaching the state of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning itself is not always fatal, some people will recover on their own, others will have to get their stomachs pumped, but nevertheless, alcohol poisoning can lead to death. Upon achieving the poisoned state, the individual may "pass out." They may not wake up.

With cannabis however, if one "passes out" they are sure to wake up, because the "passing out" 99.9% of the time has to do with lack of air. Take a big hit from a bong and there's a good chance you will feel lightheaded. Take 2 huge hits one immediately after the other, and yea there is a chance you could pass out due to oxygen deprivation. This can happen if you're smoking buds or an extract, so for the article to say that people are passing out because of the extract is incorrect. It is about air deprivation in general.

Conclusively, passing out from lack of air intake after some bong hits is not overdosing, however with alcohol, it could be considered such.

When you intended to stay awake.

Butane (organic solvent) Hash Oil

It began with an intriguing comment on a Weediquette article. A kid from Denver said, "Dude, you should be dabbing errl." There was very little available information on this phrase at the time, so I ventured to friend this kid on Facebook in hopes of getting some answers. Having smoked for as long as I have, I didn't expect to learn anything new about weed, but the kid from Denver humbled me quick.

He was describing Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, a marijuana extract that is pretty much pure THC. People have been making marijuana extracts for millennia, pounding, churning, and milling green plant matter to separate its natural resins, yielding a more concentrated product. For ages, we called this stuff hash....

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Butane is dangerous and toxic

Co2 and/ or coconut oil is mo better... Cleaner and a whole lot safer.

Google "Butane MSDS"

IMO a natural herb and a toxic chemical should have nothing to do with each other... Ever. The clinics I go to don't even sell ANYTHING with butane (except lighters maybe)

Death by coconut, "the killer fruit."


if the butane is not properly removed or you use low quality butane then yes it can be unhealthy. not all mmj patients get full relief from the "natural herb" alone and require a more concentrated form to smoke or vape. most of those (in colorado) prefer bho over solvent-less water hash and few use co2 oil for anything other than eating.

i'm not a fan of co2 oil due to the loss of terpenes. i think they are now starting to get better but those systems are not cheap and are more for large industrial applications. if you are ingesting medical cannabis in edible form then yes co2 oil , coconut oil and ethanol/everclear grain alcohol or 200 proof anhydrous ethyl alcohol are all fine.

Dab Panel at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup - Denver 2012
See: Dr. Bob's intro @ 9:00

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LOL... "the killer fruit."

Seriously though, as someone with major medical issues, I prefer to keep my meds as pure as possible. Check this out
"Pure. Organa Labs utilizes CO2 extraction. This method - also known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is considered to be the purest method of plant extraction available today and is the only method approved by the Soil Association as being acceptable for organic products."

Maybe I am "spoiled" with a very wide selection of meds where I live... https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/in/california/central-san-... ...Lab tested only 4 me... Sucks I'm not healthy enough to "enjoy" it more.

Use Butane if you want, just make sure this doesn't happen to you lol.


This is nothing but another

This is nothing but another form of hash. Jesus people, its fucking just pot...

It's basically just a glorified version of 'foilies'...

the not-so-clever name for putting a bunch of resin on some foil, folding it up, then pressing it between two butterknives heated up on a gas stove burner till they glow orange. The smoke is inhaled through a tp tube, giving one hella blast.

So I've heard...

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

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