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Ahmadinejad Working as a Professor?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man who has been one of the most powerful men in Iran in the last couple of years and gave the West headaches through his fiery rhetoric about Israel and the development of the Iran’s nuclear program, has returned to his original profession, teaching.

After the expiry of his second term he decided to withdraw from political life and start working again as a professor and teach at the University of Science and Technology.


Check this guy out:

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Well darn. Not even most

Well darn. Not even most people in the US do that. Once in politics, always in politics. This has to say something about him as a person to simply drop it all and go back to a normal job.
Probably wont see this on the news.

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This hasn't been discussed anywhere on MSM. Or info about the new President of Iran pushing for peace right now...


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I don't think he ever

I don't think he ever stopped teaching. I remember an article from three years ago that made reference to the fact that he still taught at the university.

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maybe Brack'll

go back to franchising "Barry's Bathhouses" after his time in the
peoples houss. Keeps the bubbles coming.