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Navy Yard Shooting Was A False Flag, May Have Involved Craft International

Skip ahead to 3:30 into this video, and you'll hear the Park Police Chief say that there may be two other shooters (a third shooter already being deceased); one being a white male in a khaki/tan military uniform with a beret hat, something "like a naval uniform", with a handgun. Another being a black male, 50 years of age, wearing an olive/drab colored military-style uniform. She says they are both wearing military style uniforms.


So 3 shooters? At least two of which are in military style, tan uniforms...

Anyone remember "Craft International", the Navy Seal offshoot at the Boston Marathon bombing, whose motto is "violence does solve problems"?


I'm starting to think Craft was created legitimately, but after bumping off Chris Kyle is now used as a front for a false flag operation specialist team.

Also interesting to note, the so-called lone gunman, Alexis, called police to his hotel room in August saying he was being followed by three people, and that they were using a microwave machine to send vibrations through the ceiling...


False flag?

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