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Freerepublic.com was where the Fredheads were

I've been trying to remember ever since Fred dropped out where it was I saw a bunch of Fredheads. It was freerepublic.com - pretty level-headed ones at that. If anyone has an account over there, maybe it's not too late to make a pitch to them.

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Some going to Paul, some to Romney, and then some to Hillary?!?

My confusion is how some Fredheads are looking to ROMNEY or HILLARY of all people for a true fiscal conservative. I am so confused on their decision.

The real Fredheads that actually thought for themselves will hover over to Ron Paul once he wins a state. I can't post anything else on freep as my account was banned about 4 months ago for mentioning Ron Paul.

There are many people there that are now saying that if Ron Paul stood a chance they'd vote for him, that's the only thing, the perception that he doesn't stand a chance is keeping them from voting for Paul and leaning them to Romney.

Lotsa of Bushco "RINO" people will

Probably switch over and vote for HRC -- despite the fact that the RNC supposedly *hates* the Clintons...

Why? Because she is the "3rd term" for GWB -- in the same was that GWB was the "3rd Term" for Billyboy's crew (despite what the RNC and the media may have told you).

AND, they simply love their WAR (and the big government spending on it) more than they do any "Republican" principles.

I wonder if these people who

I wonder if these people who are capable of floating from Fred to Hillary aren't just starstruck or wanting to join the winning bandwagon. We already know there are people who say RP isn't an option because they think he can't win. Maybe these people are the extreme of that mentality where they just want to vote for the most likely winner.

Defend Liberty!

Agreed. I could never think

Agreed. I could never think of a substantive reason to support Thompson.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Actually Fred made SOME sense

He was my #2 guy, I was even thinking of a possible Ron/Fred ticket.
Fred was very much for keeping our sovereign nation sovereign (even though he was CFR).

There are many people in the CFR, I think he's there just for the reason that Angelina Jolie is in there, simply because he's also in the media.

Fred would have been ok if he showed some energy in his campaign, but he did what Giuliani did and put all his eggs in one South Carolinian basket. Mainly that was the case because of the limited amount of funds he had.

I can tell you what I'm confused about is that they'd jump the conservative ship to a Liberal like Romney or a Socialist like HRC like a bunch of drowning rats.