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Maryland Common Core arrest followup: Why didn’t the cattle stand up for Robert Small?

From the article:

Thursday night, Howard County parent Robert Small attended an MSDE-sponsored informational meeting on Common Core at Ridge Ruxton School. He left the meeting in handcuffs.

I was able to capture the confrontation on camera. If you haven’t seen the video, click here.

Viewers of the video were overwhelmingly shocked and disgusted, calling it assault against Mr. Small physically, as well as an assault on his First Amendment right to free speech. It struck a nerve on Americans’ growing distrust in our government.

After the video and story went viral nationally and even internationally, a repeated question emerged in the comments: Why didn’t the people in the audience stand up for this guy?

Read more here: http://www.examiner.com/article/common-core-arrest-followup-...

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I read in some comments on

I read in some comments on another site that charges have been dropped? Can anyone confirm this?


The correct number to call is:

Officer Jen Ruby

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The answer is relatively simple.

The purpose of the entire exercise (sending children to school) is to teach them to be obedient to the state. Obviously, those who are sending their children there haven't yet decided that submission and obedience to the state and its representatives is actually an undesirable thing. Thus, when they are abused by the representatives of the state or see someone else being thus abused, they assume it is the correct and legitimate thing to happen. They have not realized that *there is no magic whereby aggression can be made legitimate*.

It's the same phenomenon that allowed people to watch others (and themselves) being rounded up and put in camps in Europe (and in the United States). It is what allows us to have more people rounded up and locked in cages than anywhere else in the world. It is what will allow it to happen again and again until people open their eyes on a broader level.

When that happens, they will not have their children incarcerated in government schools.

Well said

Very well put

That's what made my blood boil

while I watched this. Seriously. As the "security" thug started pushing into the father, everyone should have gotten out of their seats and surrounded him. No violence, but just to let them know that they are united and that this guy committed no crime.

I can't stand watching videos where people will do nothing simply because a man in a uniform is involved.

Something else to keep in mind

This "security" officer is the one dealing with these people's kids on a daily basis.

Maybe they should think about his manners and demeanor and then see if they think it is appropriate for someone dealing with children.

All in all - the whole video is nauseating.


I saw only 1 woman standing up to the fascist thug & 1 or more women shouting in protest. I can't believe there were no other men @ that meeting, and so what the &$(# has happened to the men on this morally emaciated society...that NOT A SINGLE MAN could stand up & raise hell to defend against this blatant display of Soviet fascism???

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

America is NOT the home of the brave

This is just one tiny example of cowardice

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

It is common for such a meeting to be attended

by mostly women if the children are young. The man would be at home babysitting. It's because the women are most likely to be more involved in the kids' schoolwork. I'm not saying the men aren't involved at all, but if the split is even 60%/40% with the wife handling most of the teacher communication and homework, then she's the one going to be most interested in making it to that meeting.

Defend Liberty!

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But we will either be

But we will either be defenders of our liberty, or victims of our own complacency. Let’s not be cattle. We may not have stood up for Robert Small they way we should have at the meeting, but we are standing up for him now. Please call the BCPD at 410-396-2525 to demand charges be dropped against Robert Small. More to come about a defense fund.

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demand charges be dropped

Please call the BCPD at 410-396-2525 to demand charges be dropped against Robert Small.

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cowards and traitors and

cowards and traitors and communists.