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Rand Paul: 'Constellation of Scandals' Has Taken Away President's Moral Authority To Lead The Nation

"I think it's not just Syria, it's a constellation of scandals. You have had Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, you have had the spying on AP reporters and Fox reporters. It's been one thing after another and I think the constellation of scandals has really taken away from his [President Obama's] moral authority to lead the national so in some ways you are right."

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Moral Authority to Lead the Nation?

Hey Rand, the President's Moral Authority to lead the nation is in Article 2 Section What?

Folks, this is part of the Problem! The President nor anyone in Congress or the Federal Gov't has any 'Moral' Authority or otherwise to Lead the Nation.

There job is to implement Article 1 Section 8. That is it!

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They are not scandals, they are felonies and should be treated as such.

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin

thank you! Tom Rankin, somebody needed to bring this up!

Point well taken and made. Obama never had moral authority, as the least vetted 'President' in American History. (With the possible exception of Chester A. Arthur.)

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How many scandals does it

How many scandals does it take to bring down the first Black President of the USA?

Don't worry;

It'll get easier as the black thing wears off.

half black jack

milkin the mulatto machine for all it's worth and then some

drain that puppy dry

Cheap shot

Basically, 'have you checked with your mom, what does she have to say'.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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Do Americans see and notice she puts on a fake personality?

I agree 100%

Obomba has lost all of his cred and his moral authority. Impeachment charges should be brought immediately.

The targeting of individuals by the IRS came straight from the top, and that in itself is grounds for impeachment.