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Press Your Luck - No Whammies! Life Lessons From Game Show History


Summary: A contestant became a big winner on a game show by realizing that the computerized game sequence was not random.
Posted by: Elliot Feldman

Michael Larson plays Press Your Luck
On May 19, 1984, Michael Larson, an unemployed ice cream truck driver from Lebanon, Ohio, won $104,950 in cash, a sailboat, and two all-expense-paid vacation trips from two appearances on the CBS television game show “Press Your Luck.” At the time, $40,000 was considered to be a huge winning. Larson’s winnings set a record for the largest prize money award on any game show.

CBS initially refused to pay Larson his winnings, suspecting he had cheated. However, although Larson had won under unusual circumstances, he had not cheated. Instead, he had memorized the show’s computerized game board sequences, allowing him to continuously keep selecting winning board squares. He became the game’s biggest winner in less than an hour. CBS eventually conceded that Larson had done nothing illegal. He had simply outsmarted the game...

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What's the point of all this stupidity?

The point is that the 'system' or the 'powers that be' or what have you think they have us over a barrel, when in fact they are working with an outdated model that can easily be beaten. And when we beat them they will accuse us of cheating. And if that fails they will change the rules.

Or maybe it's about the story of a man who had the confidence to take a system head-on, knowing he had the secret to beating it, who did it.

Press Your Luck, people. No Whammies.

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Great analogy for life...

Great analogy for life...

Southern Agrarian

related: this guy memorized all the prices on The Price Is Right


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

He'd had to have memorized

He'd had to have memorized them fairly quickly in a season because of inflation. I wonder how much they've gone up from when Barker started, Barker leaves, Drew Carey's current season.

Southern Agrarian

How much would you bid for this solid gold coin?

I bid one dollar Drew!

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

No whammies!

Big money!!!

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.