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First Episode of the Tom Woods Show Airs Today! Interviewing Mike Boldin of the TAC!

First Episode of the Tom Woods Show, Finally

Join me this Monday, September 23, at noon Eastern for the first episode of my Monday-Friday program. The show is broadcast live but archived for download as well. Monday I’ll be talking to Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center, and Tuesday to Ben Swann.

Here’s the Facebook event page. I’d be grateful if you could spread it around.

[Retrieved from http://www.tomwoods.com/blog/first-episode-of-the-tom-woods-show-finally/]

Update: The show was great, of course. Guess who's coming up? Benn Swan and Larry Pratt of GOA! If you missed it, you can use coupon code "SHOW" to get %60 off of Tom Wood's Liberty Classroom this week only!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but that's $40 for an ENTIRE YEAR of access to all of the courses and the forums. Such a killer deal, there is no excuse not to get on board. Peace.

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Go Tom!!

bookmarking you!!

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Good luck with the new venture, Tom!

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