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FLU shot or not?

Upvote if you will not be getting the flu shot.
Downvote if you will.

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as for me...never!

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Have never had a flu shot and

have not had the flu in well over 20 years. No need to start now.


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each flu shot reduces your immunological space

Your number of lymphocytes stays about the same and is divided between specific cells and generic cells. The specific cells have receptors targeted to a particular strain of virus. Each time you get sick or you get a shot, specific cells are produced and some stay behind after the fact for future invasions. This means your number of generic cells goes down over time. Then, when you are old, you have few generic lymphocytes left to tackle new threats.

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Factoids About Influenza and Your Blood Type

Did you know that your blood type affects your response to the 'flu?

Did you know that type O is more susceptable to one strain and type A is more susceptable to the other?

Did you know that type B gets no benefit from one 'flu shot, but needs a booster to get any immune response?

'Flu has been studied extensively. If you're healthy, it may be better to risk getting it, and building your immunity that way. I've only had the 'flu 3 times in 12 years, since following the blood type diet.


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Sir no sir

i have my exercise, organic food, royal jelly, immune system, garlic, cayenne pepper, and so on and so forth! also muh naturalnews.com


my hope...

was to strike the conversations had here...thanks for the information and participation...peace.

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Nope. No flu shots for me. On

Nope. No flu shots for me. On top of questioning what is truly in some of these shots I believe that it is better for your immune system to actually fight off the flu on it's own. That's not to say I'm completely against vaccines though. The ones you get when your little I believe are necessary shots. Measles, mumps, rubella. Afaik that is the only shot given to kids that I have faith in so long as I believe that it is just the vaccine for it and nothing else.

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I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Never Ever Ever take a vaccine....

from disease profiteering companies. That's common sense.

Not only is BT toxin sterilizing the masses, but so is MF59 adjuvant now put in the vaccines.

I don't even give my dog vaccines.... He's the fastest dog I've ever seen run for his breed. full of energy.

Vaccines never ended the viral epidemics of the 1900's.
The drug companies cherry picked the data to reflect that, but the truth is all of those illnesses were eradicated by improvements in sanitation, not vaccination.

need proof... look at this:



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i prefer to let my immune system generate its own antibodies without partially dead irradiated virus being pumped in.

In the army at Ft Gordon Georgia 05' they had just come out with that nasal spray abomination and of course it was mandatory, long story short on that i didn't have to do it bc i was taking steroid allergy medicine. anyway every single guy in the barracks that got the "vaccination" became deathly ill, about 6 or seven were taking to the hospital for 5 days because they became so sick, couldn't eat became severely dehydrated and had no electrolytes they couldn't even stand.

So yea fuck that with a wooden spoon.


I worked for the CDC for 3 years

On the Vaccines for Children Program. Flu shots DO NOT prevent Influenza, they are only good for reducing the effects if you get it.

The absolute best way to prevent catching Influenza is to wash your hands several times a day during Flu Season and take copious amounts of Vitamin C and D3. You need the D3 in the Fall and Winter anyway.

The only people who need Flu Shots are people with depressed immune systems. And they should consult a TRUSTED physician beforehand.

Whatever u got, We Gotta shot for that.

washing hands is really simple i spent a few months at a residential VA treatment facility for ptsd, (and its the VA so its, ya know germy and gross) got into the habbit of washing my hands frequently though out the day now i rarely get sick maybe a lil cold few times a year.

I Feel like were being told dont worry about cleanliness we gotta a shot thatll fix right up!
Dont worry about ur diet and diabetes WE GOT A SHOT FOR THAT TOO! ect ect ect so on and so forth, Ad Nauseam.


Great analogy!

Yes. Don't watch you diet! Just give yourself a shot, supplied by 'us', and you'll be just fine.

Another thing to consider is that our Immune System requires 'exercise' and nutrition to remain strong. By consistently reducing the 'load' one is encouraging atrophy.

Flu shota are banned

in most of Europe since they had not undergone testing in several years.


I never get the flu but everyone I know who gets a flu shot gets the flu. Don't believe in them

1988 was my first and last

1988 was my first and last time

My mother received her first

My mother received her first flu shot in January, 2005 when flu began to be referred to as a "disease." Within 30 days this perfectly healthy woman came down with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia.) The oncologist even told her that there is leukemia virus in the vaccine and there will be a certain percentage of people where the virus will take hold. She was one where it quickly took hold. She did one round of chemo, almost died. Right past the 5 year mark, when they tell you are cured, she died, as the AML came back with a vengeance.
So my vote is NEVER.

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Never took a flu shot and never will. Not because of any of the talk surrounding flu shots or vaccines in general, but because I'd see people become very ill from taking it, and I fail to see the point in making myself purposefully ill every 'flu season', when I haven't came down with the flu since I was maybe 8.

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To me, flu shots don't make

To me, flu shots don't make any sense. There is no substitute for common sense. Eat healthy, exercise, get regular sleep and practice good hygiene and you won't likely be getting any bugs.

I know several people who get the flu shot and then get the flu anyway. I have a few one liners I like to use when people ask me why I don't get a flu shot. If I know they happen to be Christians, I like to reply: "No, I put my faith in the Lord." I also like saying "for the same reason I don't buy cars which don't run".

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You're a racist and a

You're a racist and a terrorist if you don't take the flu shot.


Made in usa

maybe if we labeled them as MADE IN THE USA! Only finest quality weapons grade virus used in concocting this remedy! all of us crazy radical right wing people would be more accepting of big pharma.

DISCLAIMER:May Cause 1 or more Side Effects
Blurry vision Problems with sexual function
Change in breasts Change in menstrual periods Headache Lightheadeness, dizziness Swelling of the hands or feet
High blood pressure Lost weight Gained weight Gastrointestinal (GI)Mouth feels too dry Drooling or too much saliva Constipation NauseaPain in the upper middle of the stomach Renal and urinary Unexpected increases in urination, thirst, and/or hunger Trouble urinating Urinating frequently Sleep/fatigue
Sleepiness, sleeping a lot Trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep Muscles and movement Feeling restless or jittery, cannot sit still Slowness, trouble getting moving Muscles feel stiff
Shaking or muscle trembling Tremor Muscle pain Lack of bodily strength Mental function Memory problems, forgetful Low energy, easily tired finding it hard to concentrate No motivation, loss of interest in usual things Anxiety Agitation

And dont forget
neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), a rare and serious condition that can lead to death

these are some! just Some of the side effect of abilify the antidepressent


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Thanks for asking.

Not now, not ever.

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I will bet you that under

I will bet you that under Obama care they will try to force everyone to take them all.


... or else pay extra.

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Probably old news to most on DP but in Texas and probably most other states you can get a state exemption for your child. "Exemption from vaccination for reasons of conscience." Its an exemption letter I order from the state every two years and keep on file at my sons school. Whereas a doctors note used to be enough I now need that letter. Even one year when I had him in private school it was required.
Let me know if anyone in Texas needs one for next school your and I will look up the link for you.

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I haven't had the flu in years since I was in highschool when I had my last shot.

Eat well. Sleep well. Play well. Be well.

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Vit D baby! Vit D will help you battle ALL viruses.

So why bother with the flu vaccine that ALLEGEDLY only works on one virus (if that)!

FYI, September and February are the two ideal months to get your Vit D serum levels checked. Now is the time! Check your levels and supplement accordingly.

Was Homeschooled, and never vaccinated...thank God.

.... And I never will in the future.
Although several of my older siblings did receive, I believe a single shot. One however received more than the rest. And do not think it a mere coincidence that he has massive pollen and food allergies, along with severe gut problems.

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I've been all over the world.

I've been all over the world. l lived in the South Pacifc, Japan and S.E. Asia. I did all this on vaccines I got in the 1970's. I think the schedule was 4 or 5 back then--maybe 4 or 5 too much, who knows?

Point is, I'm not dead or diseased. I've gotten sick plenty of times but just roughed it out. I've gotten all kinds of flu, viruses, shingles, bacteria infections, you name it and I probably had it at one point. But now I'm strong as a bull. I exercise, eat clean, drink clean--even my alcohol--and stay far away from doctors and hospitals.

Anyway, just want to say, vaccines might be good for someone that can't figure out the medical and food fraud in the US, but if you're smart enough to see what's going on, why bother following the herd to the cliff?

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People can develop auto immune diseases at any time.

Vaccines have immune activators in them called adjuvants. These activators plus whatever viruses or other substances people are exposed to can put their immune systems into life-threatening overdrive, a condition called Gillan-Barre.

I'm not getting any. The flu vaccine last year was only 8% effective for seniors.

Two of the people I work with....

were saying they were getting theirs next week and that they knew they'd probably not feel well for a couple days after but that didn't seem to matter. They talked about it as if it was simply "part of the program now"...no questions...no questions...I haven't had any vaccine since 2002 in college and never will again.

I had shingles a year ago and still refuse the vaccine for it...people don't realize how these vaccines are destroying the immunity of our species.

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when does anyone get Influenza now-a-days? "common colds", stomach bugs, etc are not "The Flu", aka Influenza.


The amount of people who actually get influenza are low and there has been no evidence that it is transmitted between people.

"A total of 18 H3N2v cases have been reported this summer (Illinois [1], Indiana [14], Michigan [2], and Ohio [1]). So far during 2013, one person has been hospitalized as a result of variant influenza illness; no deaths have occurred. At this time no ongoing human-to-human transmission has been identified and all 20 cases have reported close contact with swine in the week prior to illness onset."

Right now, we can survive influenza with proper rest, etc... but if we keep challenging the virus, it's going to adapt and sooner than later it's going to be strong enough to ignore our vaccines, much like how MRSA exists.

"... one person has been hospitalized as a result of variant influenza illness;"

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