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New interview with Eric Sprott, Interviewed by Hunter

His message is good, but the audio quality is, I hate to say close to horrible. ;) But I appreciate the information!


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Looking into the larger picture.

Considering the Troll effort and everything the MSM is throwing against Honesty and Justice (IE Nobody going to jail for Massive Stealing and And Absolute CORRUPTION)

Even the Trolls on DP are showing themselves standing up Lincoln and Not the Constitution and the message of DP.

Notice that Granger went from Huge Ron Paul, to Stand for Rand, to I love ISRAEL, to gone. (After accepting the money from her sponsor.)

America will only survive if enough people stands for the ideas it was fought for in the first place.

Whoa, no kidding. Granger

Whoa, no kidding. Granger hasn't been around for over a week. Seems quiet. Hey, you were the last DPer to comment to her. Did you chase her away? No, I don't suppose you did. What do you mean by "(After accepting the money from her sponsor.)"? Oh btw, thanks for the Hunter-Sprott conversation.