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Daytona Beach...GREAT ARTICLE! Thank the Reporter! PR is working!

Daytona Beach News Journal Online
January 26, 2008
Ron Paul fans steadfast for longshot presidential candidate
Staff Writer

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- "Who is Ron Paul?"
That question, in the form of a 30-foot-tall banner, adorned the side of a blimp tethered at the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport Wednesday morning. It might also be on the lips of Republican voters going to the polls Tuesday during the Florida presidential primary.......................


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Yeah, nice but

he couldn't resist the "longshot" meme.

Also, the "he can't win"

Also the "former libertarian"

The guy was a Republican congressman for ten freekin terms!!

but you knew that.


must take the good with bad. It's still name recognition that's important and doesn't hurt to thank the reporter for his piece.

please take a min. to thank

please take a min. to thank the reporter. His email link is at end of article.

Of course the blimp works.

In fact it is all working, you and I, RP and his staff, it is all working. It just takes time, we did not get in this condition over night and it will take some time to heal it. But we will succeed there is no doubt.

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blimp works

nice pics...

and article.

try again


gotta look!