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Ron Paul - The American Power Structure (important 1988 video)

Ron Paul - The American Power Structure (important 1988 video)

Dr. Paul predicts what the Bush/Bank combine did to Noriega and calls the Federal Reserve what it is: evil

Mucho information in this interview.

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Right on point!

Trying to educate people about the fantasy land they live in is the most difficult point to get across, yet in my mind it's THE paramount issue.

My powers of persuasion aren't premiere or anything, but I have a logical flow of ideas that when presenting them are like jumping 10 foot hurdles in the olympics. People astonishingly have this innate resistance to anything resembling reality. It's murderously perplexing, and I know cognitive dissonance. It's a wretched feeling when your world is turned upside down, but I'd rather it be in my head than dealing with the real consequences.

My favorite thing to ask is "What would you do if trust in the paper in your pocket dissolved?" Their answers are dumbfounding. They accept the worthlessness, but have nothing else to offer. 99% of the time it's "Uh. I don't know... leave the country?" then the conversation ends there because I've been freaking them out and they want no more of it. Only two people have said they'd set up a farm with me and are currently re-learning the 19th century. LOL Two steps forward, one giant step back.

WAKE THE F* UP PEOPLE! (Not you guys of course. You don't live in a fantasy land, although I'm sure you wish you did. I wish I took the blue pill too.)

A true visionary

Worth the time. I highly recommend.


Fantastic piece confirming he is STILL saying same things!