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Alabama District 1: Dean Young makes it to US Congress Runoff November 5th

Round one complete! and with a good result, on to round two!

Dean Young came in second in he Republican Primary for the Alabama US Congress District 1 Special Election today, September 24, doing about twice as well as the polls suggested he would.

The Runoff Election between him and Bradley Byrne will be held on November 5th

Dean Young is the clear choice, because of these positions he has taken:

+Cut inflation by returning to sound money principles, and auditing the Federal Reserve.

+believes that we should abolish the IRS.

+Stop using taxpayer money to bailout private companies.

+Believes that we should stop the NSA snooping on US Citizens.

+Will fight tirelessly to repeal & defund Obamacare

+Will work to keep the internet free and unregulated.

+Will work to rein in out-of-control regulations and government departments.

+Stop giving taxpayer’s money to countries that hate us.

+Support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

+Stand strong for the 2nd Amendment, and our right to Keep and Bear Arms.

+Uphold States’ Rights that are guaranteed in the 10th Amendment.

+Work to restore our 1st and 4th Amendment rights.

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Dean Young's Pledge to Oppose Gay Marriage

Dean Young of Orange Beach Alabama is asking eight other Republican candidates to sign a pledge that they will stand up for God’s Marriage of one man and one woman if elected to Congress in a primary election September 24, 2013. Young has created a feud in the Alabama GOP as some would compromise on God’s Marriage, AL.com reported.

Young’s “Pledge to Oppose Gay Marriage” starts with, “Our faith teaches us that marriage is defined as one man and one woman joining together in holy matrimony. The Defense of Marriage Act passed Congress and became law in hopes of protecting traditional marriage and against an activist homosexual marriage agenda. In June of this year the U.S. Supreme Court declared the protections of DOMA unconstitutional.”


Sounds like a Rick Santorum social conservative.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


from Texas!

Alabama Voters?

A fellow Texan, lots of us on here, anyone from Alabama District 1? :)

I know

there are at least 2. I'm in district 3.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie



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Bump from Wi, Help this guy,

Bump from Wi, Help this guy, and take a friend or 2, buy them a soda/beer whatever. The country is slipping away, we need victories wherever!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


for those in the District,
low turn out expected,
a couple of Volunteers could make the difference.

Tid Bits

"Dean Young, an Orange Beach businessman who ran second among the four candidates in last year's primary with Bonner"

"Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has reminded voters of Young's work in his campaigns and called him a man "of the highest moral and ethical standards."


It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Bradley Byrne v. Dean Young

Bradley Byrne is who Dean Young is competing with..
Everybody (at election time) is (now) spouting 'tea party' soundbites..

Without serious vetting... it's a crapshoot.

Here is Byrne 'issues' page:
complete with various 'teaparty' hot buttons..
on Intervention.. in Wars; by Fed Reserve; by DHS, etc.
(imo) Weak.. very weak.

From last week.. a 'Signals' pre-election poll result...


Yes, Dean Young is within the margin of error district wide

This is important, it would be a shame to have two establishment candidates in the runoff.

here is more about the poll with a link to the actual thing:


traction on DP

I often insert/try out 3/4 different headers
when I post something that won't get traction..
I will wait 15min or so and swap it out..
NO SHAME in that.. and it works 50-60% of the time.
so.. how bout:
ATTENTION ALABAMA: Critical VOTE Tomorrow! Help Dean Young


This is a Congressional SEAT!

After having
(through the Recall McCain thread)
double our efforts on EXACTLY these type of elections
to NEUTRALIZE the bad apples (there's just so MANY.. I know, I know)
they only have ONE vote each. Dean's vote can at least CANCEL one.
... not to mention any legislation he may introduce himself.

These 'little' elections are like a Buy One, Get One.
It saves TIME. saves MONEY. and puts another dagger
in the soft belly of the BEAST.

Stonewall PLEASE continue these HEADS UP posts..
they're SO important.
Every one of them.

Insert Dean Young

into OP title?


I often insert/try out 3/4 different headers
when I post something that won't get traction..
I will wait 15min or so and swap it out..
NO SHAME in that.. and it works 50-60% of the time.
so.. how bout:
ATTENTION ALABAMA: Critical VOTE Tomorrow! Help Dean Young

Front Page request!

for Al volunteers..
thx for the post Stonewall!!!!

Thank you in bunches

I comb through the Green Papers http://www.thegreenpapers.com/ looking for good candidates, I hope others will as well!

Lonely work sometimes ;)

Thanks for the information, Stonewall Jackson

and a bump for good candidates.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

bump for those in AL


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


its great the way you try to keep these things bumped!