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Ron Paul Campaign Files Caucus Challenge with Louisiana GOP

Multiple errors in process leave caucus results unresolved - from Centredaily.com (January 26, 2008)

ARLINGTON, Va. — Yesterday, the Ron Paul presidential campaign filed a letter with the Louisiana Republican Party to contest the credentials of delegates to the state convention.

Under state party rules, campaigns have 72 hours from the end of the caucus to file such a contest. This contest was filed in response to multiple problems with the caucus process.

"The initial failure of the Louisiana GOP to properly determine who was and wasn't eligible to vote threw this entire process into disarray," said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. "However, voter eligibility was just one of many irregularities with the caucus process. We are filing this contest to ensure that we can challenge the results if it appears that delegates were improperly selected."

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Here's the ENTIRE story...


"Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly." Mae West

"This used to be a government of checks and balances. Now it's all checks and no balances." (Gracie Allen for President 1940)

How will people know their provisional ballot

was discarded as being a democrat or independent so they can prove that statement incorrect?

A Question?

When one changes their party affiliation to vote in the primary in LA, does one need to DELETE their former Party Affiliation?

From the Louisiana GOP site today:

LAGOP Releases Official Results of Louisiana's Republican Caucus:
January 29, 2008

After the verification and counting of provisional ballots was completed late Friday evening, the results of the 2008 Louisiana Republican Caucus were deemed official.

In order to cast a ballot in the Caucus, a person must have been a registered Republican as of November 30, 2007. The Republican Party of Louisiana has worked with Registrars of Voters across the state in an effort to verify party affiliations of voters who cast provisional ballots.

Approximately two-thirds of the individuals who cast provisional ballots have been identified by their respective Registrar of Voters as registered Democrats or Independents as of the November 30 deadline. Their ballots, of course, will not be counted nor added to the totals of any district.

After verifying and counting all eligible provisional ballots, the addition of these votes yielded very few changes in the outcomes of races.

We have appreciated your patience as we have worked to ensure the accuracy of the 2008 Louisiana Republican Caucuses.

Jason Dore, J.D.

Communications/Political Director

Republican Party of Louisiana

Kelly Halldorson

Anyone knows the latest???

Any news?

I was a delegate in the

I was a delegate in the second district of Louisiana. I have to admit that there were many problems. At least, one-fourth of our voters were provisional. The LA GOP records were so bad that we even had delegates who had to vote provisional! It doesn't even make sense, considering you HAVE to be a republican in order to be a delegate, therefore you shouldn't have to vote provisional.

excellent news

that whole caucus reeked of trouble.