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Connecticut Straw poll

I was disappointed in how the Connecticut GOP held their straw poll. They held it in Middlebury which is too far of a drive for me, but they assured everyone you could vote online as well.

"State Central is also planning on-line voting during the hours of the Straw Poll at their website, www.ctgop.org."

"Doors will open at 6 p.m. and supporters and surrogates will have ample time to campaign for their candidates. Each campaign will have 10 minutes to present their candidate before the balloting, which will begin at 8 p.m"

I checked the Website January 24th at 8pm. Then i signed in January 25th 6:15 to vote online and they had this message up:

"ONLINE BALLOTING CLOSES AT 6pm." which was not up on their website on January 21st or the day before on January 24th less than 24 hours before the poll. For the entire week before they said online voting would be DURING the hours of the straw poll. Anyway at least ill be voting for Dr. Paul in the Primary which is all that matters.

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