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Ron Paul is The Big Gun!!! .....AC/DC

Ron Paul is The Big Gun!!! AC/DC

AC/DC not my particular favorite but the pictures alone on this video speak volumes! Enjoy and don't forget to DIGG!



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The "Peak Oil" struck me when wathcing this

I seem to hear a lot discussed about Peak Oil, and what frustrates me is the concept that it is a "Fossil Fuel"... I find this annoying because this is only a theory, an over 200 year old theory I might add, about where oil comes from - a theory.

The fact is, it is not fossil fuel, it is created geologically from pressure in the earth from the friction of rocks (greatly simplified). This has been proven in lab experiments, the last one I recall was in the early 90's. I'll look for some links on the Web, but feel free to look it up. My background is civil engineering and when I first heard about this *many* years ago I was taken back - but hey, the "Peak-Oil", "Fossil Fuel" thing is a much better thing to scare the public with and jack prices through the roof.

Yes, water can also be used as fuel, but let's not be fooled by "Peak Oil"... It isn't going anywhere, and the supply is plentiful.

Just a mention, since it was identified in the video...

Ron Paul banished from DIGG

No sense in DIGG'ing Ron Paul content. He has been expunged and purged from DIGG. Go look for yourself.

No matter how many people DIGG a Ron Paul link it will not get displayed.

Time to find new ways to spread the message.

Also, if you "Google Ron Paul" now you get alot stories about him being racist and a kook. Hard to find the good stuff.

Gotta find new ways...

digg is biased

my husband & I both have (had) Digg accts, & mostly used them to digg RP stuff. We haven't been able to log in for weeks now.

How about Reddit?

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To learn what really happened, check out

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

There's a lot of stuff in there.......

that only the 911 truther or Alex Jones listener would understand........many of those images in there for a lot of you GOP Ron Paul supports might want to watch it several times and do some research into those images you are not familiar with. They're trying to teach you something...........It all goes together.