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Ron Paul Portrait Sweepstakes

Win one (1) of only ten (10) limited edition, full-sized (24 x 36) canvas reproductions of the Ron Paul portrait shown below:

Enter to Win: Ron Paul Portrait Sweepstakes

Meet Georgia's Representative from the 34th District, Charles Gregory. Former State Director for the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign, he won against a 14 year incumbent & has now experienced one General Assembly session.

With dozens of lone "No" votes, a record of challenging the established powers & bills like the "Fully Informed Jury Act of 2013" he is in the cross hairs of those who seek to preserve & nurture big government.

For that reason and because of his love of Ron Paul & the Liberty movement, he is introducing the "Ron Paul Portrait Sweepstakes".

You have a chance to win 1 of only 10, Limited Edition reproductions of a Ron Paul Portrait, painted by his wife Samantha Gregory & signed by Ron Paul at a Tom Davis event.

Enter to Win: Ron Paul Portrait Sweepstakes

To learn more:
Youtube video: Charles challenging the esthablishement.

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Mods, the first link is now

Mods, the first link is now broken on the front page version for some reason & does not point to If you could fix that & maybe include the image that would be great.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

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I salute you, Charles Gregory, patriot.


Google is government.