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Any idea in the delays for FEC postings?

Today being January 26th, 2008, I am beginning to wonder when the Federal Election Commission will be posting the contributions for each candidate?

Within nines days after the 3rd quarter filings deadlines of October 15th, 2007, most of the candidates contributions were available to look at. Even www.opensecrets.org had this information available by this time.

It seems a bit strange that the FEC is taking this long to post this information. I don't attribute this to some conspiracy but will we see this information prior to Feb 5th?

Quite honestly I want to look through the donor list of the other candidates to see which skeletons they have in their closets.

Idea's, thoughts, suggestions?

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This has been driving me nuts

because I really want to look for RP and identify any new donors that aren't already in our meetup and get them on board as far as the delegate process. I figure people that will donate, will definitely be more likely to become delegates, etc.

Special Interest Poster

I'm waiting for a new data myself to make a new edition of my poster



Didn't realize they changed the January 15th date to the 30th.

Still brings the question of why they changed the date so it makes it difficult to look at donations just prior to Super Tuesday.

One factor in the time

One factor in the time difference before info availability in Q3 and Q4 may be that the FEC is essentially closed down other than a skeleton crew, according to the Washington Post:

Because... for whatever reason...

The January filing deadline date is NOT the 15th, but rather the 31st.

(Possibly because they are also filing "corrections" for the whole calendar year as well as the 4th Qtr... or something like that.)

So basically they get to hide everything until right up before Feb 5th. (And then there will probably be some odd, salacious junk in the files of someone that already dropped out -- like Fred Thompson -- that will occupy the media for a week or so following so that they don't get around to doing more than "peeking" at current "frontrunner's" data -- like Romney's & McCain's -- until well AFTER SDT.)

No delays

Check site on Feb 1st.

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