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Strong National Defense

Saying "Just Come Home" might be over simplifying the issue. What needs to follow is that by doing so we are able to build a stronger national defense here at home. I've heard Ron Paul, and by the way the only one who does, mention the fact that we have US Border Guards on deployment in Iraq. This gets glossed over more than not and never gets a response from other candidates during a debate. I'd like to know: (1) how many of our US Boarder Guards are in Iraq; (2) how long have they been there; (3) how many US Boarder Guards are here; (4) what is the funding for those here compared to those in Iraq; or in other words, are our guards here earning the same, more or less income than those in Iraq?

How many bases did the Clinton's close? How much of an economic impact did it have on the communities surrounding those bases? How many new bases overseas have opened since then? How much of an economic impact does our bases have on the communities in those countries have?

How much more time and resources could be spent on training our service members if they were here?

Under a Ron Paul administration I see a more secure, less threatened America with an armed force ready to defend us at a moments notice.

Bring our troops home to protect us. Vote Ron Paul!!!!

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