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ALL Charges Dropped Against Dad Who Was Arrested After Speaking Out Against Common Core at Public Meeting

"The Baltimore County State’s Attorney is reportedly dropping all charges against Robert Small, the Maryland parent who was arrested after speaking out against Common Core at a public meeting last week.

Small was forcibly removed from the public forum in Towson, Md., and charged with second degree assault of a police officer and disturbing a school operation. If convicted, he faced more than 10 years in jail."



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In the USSR

The citizen would of been arrested in the middle of the night, interrogated, and sent to a work camp for a couple of years.

All police were members of the communist party and thus had immunity.


Only one thing to be said to

Only one thing to be said to that cop... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdmqn9JIuzc




Did you see how that

Did you see how that "security/policeman" yanked him from where he was standing and pushed the guy around. He was just trying to make a comment about his kids education - unbelievable, unacceptable, hope there are some consequences.

Would this be the result if there was no video?

Would this be the result if there was no video?

This arrest served its purpose...

It was meant to harass, shut the guy, and prevent others from speaking up and I think it did most of that...

Only when enough people

Only when enough people summons the courage to protest and stop funding this indoctrination system will things change.
When thousands withhold school taxes and enter into litigation with the attention of state and federal elected officials, will the message of "End the Department of Education" start to gain momentum.

So frustrating. Police are above the law.

I hope Mr. Small presses charges for assault and unlawful arrest. Unfortunately, when a police officer assaults someone, there is no crime or at best a misdemeanor. When a police officer is touched in any way by someone, it is a felony.

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Very nice!

Here in CO the DA is an elected official. Here locally our DA depends on a very conservative base who is very much against government intervention in education. I believe he would have also dropped the charges.

The police officer

was wearing non-police clothing and was acting as a private security for the school.

Does he really get "protection" under the police's "assault charges" if he is an off-duty cop? Anyone know the legality of that?

Zee PoPo

was working whats called a "special" Boy could be in a diaper but long as dat badge is in view, he a popo 24/7 9 days a week 724 days a yr.

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Can you imagine the mob that would appear

to support him at his first hearing?

Clear case of damage control.

I don't know about that.... I

I don't know about that.... I sure didn't see the mob stand up at the meeting!

Maybe some lessons are to be learned

from the non-reaction of those present. Below is something written by the person who took the video. She says that, at the time, they didn't even realize he was going to be arrested. Nonetheless (as the father himself was saying), aside from the issue of defending *him*, why weren't they (too) demanding better answers to their questions about the Common Core.

I believe that with all the publicity on this issue, plenty would have shown up at his hearing.

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Agreed - the fact that he was arrested

put a whole different spin on things.

Huh? If "further prosecution" isn't necessary, then don't

we have to come to the conclusion that the whole arrest scenario was to make the point that people attending public meetings are to shut up and turn into good little sheep?

From the article:

“It was also clear that the Officer acted appropriately and did have probable cause to make an arrest on both charges,” he added. “The Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office has just received and reviewed the facts of this case. In the interest of justice, further prosecution will not accomplish anything more. Therefore, the charges have been dismissed.”

This is "[i]n the interest of justice,..."? Can anyone explain that to me? I don't get it.

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He should aggressively

press charges of unlawful arrest, and violation of his 1st amendment rights. Put the judge and the cop on the defensive. And get 20 people with signs, shouting at his office, on YouTube and the evening news. "Judge supports police thug in federal takeover of local curriculum".


that would be ideal...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Mr. Small's contribution

Mr. Small had the effect of bringing a lot of attention to the topic of common core education. He should be congratulated even if he had no intent of being arrested. Those who know nothing about common core have to question what is so dangerous about common core that it is defended like that.

There has been a lot written about the privacy violations and politicalization of education under common core. My additional take on common core: It is designed, in part, to prevent the appearance of educational failure. Education will have to be dumbed down so all groups 'succeed'. Common core is not designed for gifted children. The elites can continue to send their kids to private schools where their children's education will not be hampered by common core objectives.

The good Dr. Dallas Dance can be

emailed from this location.....https://www.bcps.org/offices/super/contact.asp

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"Small was no longer commenting on the matter on the advice of his attorney."

Tragic, to now fear speaking up.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I wonder

Were the charges dismissed or were they "nol pros'd"? If the later they could be brought back, if for example, he contiued to speak up. Or once the heat was off and no one paying attention.

A public appology is in order.