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Lawrence Wilkerson Interview: 'John McCain and Lindsey Graham Need to Shut Their Mouths'

DESVARIEUX: So, Larry, what we'd like to discuss this week is the Iranian government's attempts to thaw relations with the U.S. They've actually sent out Rosh Hashanah greetings to Jews. They've sent worldwide--they've released political prisoners, exchanged letters with President Obama, praised flexibility in negotiations, and transferred responsibility for nuclear negotiations from the conservatives in the military to the Foreign Ministry. So a lot of people are talking that this could be a real change of Iranian attitude. What do you make of this? Does this represent a real opening for a deal?

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here's the video of that interview:

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: McCain & Graham = "Traitors" working w/Netanyahu to set America on War-footing vs Iran

TheRealNews.com: US & Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Con Objectives Attempt to Pull Them Apart - 1of2

Published on Sep 20, 2013

TheRealNews.com: US & Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Con Objectives Attempt to Pull Them Apart - 2of2

Published on Sep 20, 2013

Larry Wilkerson: Senators Graham and McCain represent a strong opposition backed by Israeli lobby looking to knock down Iran as a regional power.

McCain and Graham: Traitors Who Should “Shut Up” and Return to the “Dark Shadows”
Former Powell Chief of Staff warns neocon duo stirring up trouble and pushing Iran attack.

Kurt Nimmo
September 23, 2013

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, told Real News that Arizona Senator John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham are “traitors” in cahoots with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and they are working to thwart any attempt to negotiate with Iran.

Wilkerson said Israel is primarily to blame for the effort to subvert negotiations with Iran. “First and foremost, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his extremely right-wing government in Tel Aviv. If you’ve seen what they’ve laid down as their deal parameters, if you will, it leads off with no enrichment at all, that is to say, they do not want any nuclear program whatsoever in Iran,” he said.

In the United States, “you find Netanyahu’s allies in people like Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham from my home state, and others who are bordering on being traitors, in my view, because they won’t let this president have room to achieve a diplomatic solution.”

Having failed in the effort to get the United States involved in directly attacking Syria and overthrowing its government, McCain and Graham are now concentrating on Iran. “And so they’re moving on to Iran, with Graham even saying he’s going to move for legislation to authorize the use of military force against Iran in the next four to five months. So these people are bordering on being traitors,” Wilkerson said.

Predictions in due Time...

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