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Mother Earth News, what do you think?

I subscribe to Mother Earth News, and I really enjoy their tips on gardening, homesteading, DIY and money saving tips. But it seems in every magazine, they have a diatribe against capitalism and/or the need for more regulations to check big corporations. It drives me crazy. Pure free market capitalism is the only way to achieve the goals M.E.N. espouses. Regulation will only protect the corporations with which they have problems(Monsanto anyone?).

What do you think? Should we send in letters every month explaining the benefits of capitalism?

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Have you tried Grit or Backwoods Home?

We get MEN, Grit, and Backwoods Home. We love them all, and the information they bring to the table is awesome. I've grown so used to the propaganda and nonsense that I don't even notice it any more. Maybe Grit is better about that stuff, but I can't promise it. I certainly don't see anything wrong with letters to the editor of MEN, to show our side. They should know that a huge number of people buy their magazines for the information on being self sufficient, and just because we like those ideas doesn't mean that we are anti capitalist or lefties of any kind. Perhaps the just need to be informed of who their base is, and just how many people avoid them because of their anti capitalist nature.


I could probably say I have a lot of "Hippy" in me, but I am also a multimillionaire who has simply worked his ass off all his life living as close to the earth as I can, paying for almost everything with cash, growing our food, fixing up old properties, recycling almost everything and living off the land. I get so tired of people labeling people. This is a Ron Paul site and believe me, Ron has a lot of "Hippy" in him if you want to stereotype.


Been getting MEN for a couple years now...

and enjoy some of the articles...a few good tidbits. However, it is laden with ads (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and worst of all, it seems to be geared toward communist-thinking, ultra-liberal, Obama-loving hippies. The tone of the writing has been changing, too...more and more "It's all Bush's fault"-type stuff.
Thanks for the heads-up on the other mag...will check that out!!!
Gawd, I hate hippies!!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Letters explaining Captilism would help as well

I'm about half way finished with a book I found here on this site called 'The Golden Mean' by Nelson Hultberg. It does a pretty good job of showing that Capitalism is the Golden Mean between Totalitarianism and Anarchy. It is the Goldilocks Zone of Economics (Which according to Hayek, Smith, and others is de facto Politics as well). We can measure when certain behaviors (individual or group) sway outside this Zone into the Vice Zones of Deficiency (Totalitarianism) and Excess (Anarchy) using Freedom as the metric.

I've made this correlation with a couple lefty friends of mine with some success. They get the concept and like it, but keep getting hung up on 'their' side's definition of Capitalism, which is in fact Welfare Statism. That has to be overcome before I can explain the Benefits. Or perhaps we simply begin using the phrase Free Enterprise to explain the same thing.

At the end of the day, Capitalism is the most 'Green' of Economic strategies because it truly makes the best use of resources and abhors Monopolies (putting all the eggs and hens in one basket).

This is great. The Golden

This is great. The Golden Mean was actually first submitted by Aristotle as a guide to life, and was the foundation of the code of the "Gentlemen of Virginia" who founded this country in the 17th Century. They sought to be proficient at many things while specializing in none. For instance, in addition to a military commander, plantation owner and equestrian, George Washington was considered the best dancer in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was constantly conducting experiments, inventing, reading, writing, studying, etc. Our American Revolution was the fruit of a generation of men who sought to improve themselves. It is to me the best example that in order to have change it must come from the ground up, not the top down.

If this interests anyone, I would recommend the book "The First Gentlemen of Virginia" by Louis Wright. It is about the original natural aristocracy of Virginia(that is, the natural leaders based on their success as planters), and it demonstrates very clearly the lives they led. Another interesting aside, it talks about John Locke's views on science. I found them extremely pertinent for our day and age, prophetic even: "Even John Locke, who thought a certain amount of natural science valuable, expressed the fear that it would possess the mind, exclude humanistic thinking, and dwarf man's spiritual perceptions." Perhaps Mother Earth News is as guilty as anything of this type of thinking.

See bottom

See bottom

Heck Yeah

Creating opportunities, awesome!

kind people rock

double post

so the below is what i think about that

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I'm part hippy. They are cousins.

Like most "liberal" sites, we share a lot of common concerns. And like many liberals, "they" are unaware that we are an oppositional force within what they perceive as "conservativism". We tend to get lumped into the evil bucket.

However, when we cross post stuff we agree with, we tend to drive traffic and the people getting that traffic tend to notice. Consider it diplomacy. We send a message to the people that decide what their readers read and when they see we share some of the same interests....

we break out of the bucket.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


I could probably say I have a lot of "Hippy" in me, but I am also a multimillionaire who has simply worked his ass off all his life living as close to the earth as I can, paying for almost everything with cash, growing our food, fixing up old properties, recycling almost everything and living off the land. I get so tired of people labeling people. This is a Ron Paul site and believe me, Ron has a lot of "Hippy" in him if you want to stereotype.


Let M.E.N. know that true

Let M.E.N. know that true free markets are b est and that you will be switching your subscription over to Backwoods Home magazine until they change their ways. Also, you can buy a subscription to Backwoods Home with silver!

As is the case with so many people, they need a dictionary.

We have an economic system that is heavily fascists, collusion of corporations, wealthy individuals, and other special interest groups with venal politicians to rig economic activity in their favor through laws. This is not free market capitalism; this is the government regulated economy.

Yet people like at Mother Earth News are blinded by their hatred of the success of others no matter how they achieve their success, and lump in people who operate in what little remains of the free market with the fascists and blame freedom. A skewed distribution of wealth does not come from freedom. Skewed distributions of wealth are characteristic of one of the slave systems like fascism. All other things being equal, a free market economy produces prosperity and a normal distribution of wealth. Anarchy based systems are superior to hierarchy based systems; freedom is superior to slavery.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Most folks aren't blinded by hatred.

They are blinded by their own inability to succeed in a system that isn't designed for them to. They dont know where to place the blame that's all.


I used

to subscribe to MEN,s years ago but noticed the changes of an agenda. A much better mag. Is Backwoods Home. http://www.backwoodshome.com/
They are almost ad free and very libertarian in their articles. Check them out.

I also subscribe to BWH

I also subscribe to BWH Magazine. I find though their articles drag on a bit, and that their knowledge is for serious off the grid people. Sometimes, I just want little nuggets of information about how to lower my gardening and livestock costs, not how to deliver a child at home or how to practice sowing knife slices on pigs feet.

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Amusing comment

Thank you for the chuckle.

He's the man.

Yes, lots of great "live off the grid" info.

Great information on how to unplug yourself from the authoritarian fascist system of control that they themselves would impose on us.
Quite a contradiction of philosophies.


the problem is the 'either/or'--

Dr. Paul used the phrase "crony capitalism" to suggest that many corporations were out of control--

but the idea that government regulations can do anything to correct the problem is ludicrous--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Good idea

My dad used to subscribe. But I haven't seen a copy in years.

Send them this book, and ask them to review it: Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

Ask them to liberate their heroic spirit. Have them read the first chapter (that's about as far as I've gotten). That first chapter is about John Mackey's transformation from a scraggly, wanna-save-the-world, do-gooding hippy, who thought capitalism was evil, into a rationally thinking person who understands what capitalism is all about.

He was a member of food coops in the 70's, and he thought he could do better, so he started his own grocery store. His workers complained that they were underpaid. His customers complained that he was ripping them off. And in his first year, trying to be a good guy, he made all of $200 in profit!

That is when reality bumped up against his perceptions of how capitalists were "evil." And that's when things started to change.

Oh, in case you don't know, John Mackey is the co-CEO of Whole Foods.

It is a great book. At least, the first chapter is. And Whole Foods is a great store. There is no other grocery store like it.

- - - -

But please, go easy on the guys Mother Earth news. It is never easy being woken up from a dream.


They're not enemies. Look at all the good info they bring. They're friends. Please treat them as such.

He's the man.

I have wanted to read

I have wanted to read Mackey's book for a while now. I think I will pen a letter to them. Maybe I'll post it on the DP for thoughts and constructive criticism.

Armed with historical knowledge ask tough questions.


Free includes debt-free!


I was a subscriber in the 70's when Mother was in newsprint paper, large magazine format.
It was truly novel and out in front of the back-to-earth movement.
It was cool.
Now it's another very commercial magazine loaded with corporate ads.

labeling of GMO's

I was against it at one time, but I changed my mined. It is an ingredient, and like all other ingredients it needs to be put on the label. Why should we give special privileges to Monsatan and other chemical poisoners?

They say there is no difference from organics and GMO's, but when you add two different bacterias, a virus, a pesticide, a herbicide, and maybe a sterile gene, it should be labeled. As toxic if nothing else.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

To me, forcing companies to

To me, forcing companies to print ingredients on labels subverts the free market. Whenever you pass a regulation forcing a business to do something, it requires enforcement of the rule. This means bureaucrats need to be hired, businesses need to hire lawyers to protect them from law suits and fines. Paper pushers are hired to file government reports. This rises prices as well as barriers of entry. And inevitably, bureaucrats clamor for more regulations, funds and power, and so do the established businesses, to protect them from the real check on bad business practices: competition.

If a company wants to print the ingredients on their products, great. They can do it, others don't have to, and let the consumers decide with their dollars which they prefer. I buy a lot of things from farmers markets and they have no label of ingredients, yet I think that their products are fresher and healthier than the same products at grocery stores with the products printed on the label.

When companies work togeather against the consumer

under a puppet government Rothschild zio monopoly. No Free Market. GMO labeleed as poison with skull and crossbones.

Poison sold to humans to eat. In any market free or not needs to be disclosed and taken out of the food supply. I do agree with you manditory this and that is no more than a dictatorship.

But posioning the food seems like premeditated murder and that is not a lableling issue its a crime against not one person but every person.


Starve the system. Grow your

Starve the system. Grow your own food. Find local suppliers. Do something. Don't act like you have no control. You have control, you just have to act.

U do not know me

I grow my own food. Meybe you should not coment as if you know me. Make general suggestions.



I apologize if I have

I apologize if I have offended you. I was merely pointing out that if you think they are poisoning the food supply, there are other ways. There is no one supply of food. No one puts a gun to anyone's head and makes them buy the food with GMOs. We have healthy options.

I agree, but you must also

realize that GMO have been given special privileges. They should at the very least let the public know what the nutritional value of GMO's are. They just keep saying it is the same as organically grown, which is a big lie.

When I seen how hard Monsatan and others fought to keep GMO labeling out of California. It made me think it's the best for America, and would help end the fascist Monsatan's death grip on farmers.

BTW, I used to run 300 beehives in southwestern Minnesota, today about 6. All dead from GMO poisoning, and I just heard the only beekeeper left within 50 mile radius is having the same trouble. He used to run over 1,000! So stay on those high liberty standards while the rest of us fade away.

The only way a beekeeper can stay in business is to replace frames of wax every 3 to 5 years. These frames used to last up to 20 years. We must replace because of the pesticide buildup that come from pollen. These frames cost approximately $2.50 each, but takes 12 LBS of honey to replace the wax. The honey is worth over $2.00 per LB in the barrel. So now the frames cost $26.00 each and there is at least 18 in each beehive.

So is this fair, for me to pay this high GMO tax for me to stay in business?

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Well, I really don't know

Well, I really don't know anything about beekeeping so I cannot comment on your special situation. But it seems to me, unless there is some kind of special law outlawing competition in the market(likely), there is an opportunity here for an entrepreneur to solve a problem and create a profit. As long as there are low barriers to entry and no laws against disseminating information, Monsanto shouldn't be forced to label GMO products. Competition and capitalism will naturally choose the winners. Laws will only be used to protect the big companies.