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Mother Earth News, what do you think?

I subscribe to Mother Earth News, and I really enjoy their tips on gardening, homesteading, DIY and money saving tips. But it seems in every magazine, they have a diatribe against capitalism and/or the need for more regulations to check big corporations. It drives me crazy. Pure free market capitalism is the only way to achieve the goals M.E.N. espouses. Regulation will only protect the corporations with which they have problems(Monsanto anyone?).

What do you think? Should we send in letters every month explaining the benefits of capitalism?

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Here is the real kicker

GMO's are sold as organic, the FDA already says there is no difference. If you do put a non-GMO label on the Government says you must say there is no significant difference between GMO and non-GMO. But anyone with a brain can see there is, if they just do a little research.

The general public as well as most farmers believe GMO's have been fully tested. They are shocked to find no testing was ever done. I see no difference if I was to sell a turd as something wholesome. And I think everyone would say I must label the turd as a turd.

If you are correct on no labeling of GMO's, then all ingredient labels should be removed. Because after all there is new ingredients in those GMO cereals. They contain two different types of bacteria, a virus, a antibiotic, a pesticide, and Roundup Herbicide. But then to top this all off we have to add gene 6, and possibly the Epicyte gene. Now hows that for an ingredient list?

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Please, there is no need to

Please, there is no need to demagogue here. I never said I want all ingredient labels to come off. I just said they shouldn't be forced to by government. Companies who are smart will continue to label their products, and the smarter ones will catch on to labeling whether they use GMOs or nonGMOs. If a company then claims they are using nonGMOs but they indeed are, they are guilty of fraud and can be sued, like Pepsico with Naked Juice. I don't think we need to legislate every good idea. Good ideas will stand on their own.

It seems to me the FDA is complicating the problem, rubber stamping a shady business practice for the whole industry. This is why regulations won't work.

America is at a cross roads

Allow Monsatan and others to keep the big lie going and poison millions with GMO's, or stop the insanity by forcing independent studies on GMO's. You do know GMO were never tested in any blind testing? FDA nor EPA has done squat on protecting the public. The only thing done was to pass the Monsatan protection act just in case the do get caught poisoning the public.

It is pretty sad one part of agriculture is allowed to destroy another part, that is beekeeping. Beekeepers are going extinct, GMO crops do kill the beehives. Did you know the Almond growers are just barely able the get enough bees for pollinaton. Every year they have to import 100's of thousands of 4 lb package bees from Australia to get enough bees. This has only taken place since GMO's came on the market.

So Liberty people can continue to hold their heads in the sand and hope this will work it's self out. While Monsatan and other trash the environment.

I would like to ask, where is my liberty to pursue my dreams of being a commercial beekeeper. I lost over $100,000. because of GMO's. I guess the little people don't matter when it comes to companies like Monsatan who buy Congressmen and Senators to vote for their crap.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Again, I think you are just a

Again, I think you are just a bit mistaken on what regulations will actually do. Experience has shown us regulations only protect big business from competition. Regulations have created Monsatan and empowered them to their 93% market share. The idea that regulations can be used to curb a company with 93% market share and armies of lawyers and lobbyists who could overthrow a small African nation by their numbers alone is laughable.

I feel for your situation, and am sorry you have been given a bad deal. But I firmly believe your plight has been brought about by fascism, not by Monsatan in and of itself. It is only the government's powerful arm which givens Monsatan the power it enjoys with GMOs. Giving the government more power will only give Monsatan more power.