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What have you done for Ron Paul Lately

I just got back from canvassing and collecting signatures to get Ron Paul on the ballot in Pa. Another Ron Paul supporter and I got together and canvassed 4 blocks, it was a hill that we had to walk. Many people were not home so we just left some literature, we spoke with about 10 people, we got 7 signatures. Out of the 3 we did not get, 1 was a Mitt Romney supporter, 1 just did not want to get involved and the other guy closed the door on our faces and then proceeded to say "He is a dangerous man" I have heard Ron Paul called many things, but never a dangerous man. My husband said that he must be a supporter of guiliani. It makes me feel more encouraged to get out and do more canvassing. I still need to do my precinct. These are small towns that we are working on and it seems like the people who did sign really don't have an interest and will sign anything or they just haven't heard much about him. I hope that many of you are getting out and working for Ron Paul. We were only out 1 and 1/2 hours and I plan on getting out tomorrow again. I hope it gets warmer soon.

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